New(ish) to NOLA Dinner {Sponsored by the Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans}

Disclosure :: As always, our events are made possible by wonderful sponsors. Thank you to the Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans for sponsoring and hosting this fun event. 

New(ish) to NOLA Dinner

Moving to New Orleans was scary, to say the least. I had SO many questions and so few connections. Everything I had known was up for decision in my new locale: neighborhoods, pediatricians, parks, gynecologists, friends and schools. New Orleans is uniquely wonderful, but it is also uniquely different, New to Nola Event at Hard Rockwhich means you have to learn the culture, the roads (don’t drive fast in Lakeview neighborhoods, beware the potholes), learn the norms (private school anyone?), and find the festivals (yes Mardi Gras IS for families).

When you are suddenly on your own in a sea of new experiences and people, you remember simple kindnesses and conversations. Conversations at the park, those that tutored you on the NOLA culture, those willing to share their favorite restaurant recommendations and guide you on local preschools – all of those conversations were SO helpful in adjusting to this city.

One of our sister sites Burlington Moms Blog recently hosted a “Welcome to Burlington” dinner, and for all of the above reasons, we were inspired. We decided to team up with the Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans to host a New(ish) to NOLA dinner for some of our readers that are new (or somewhat new … we are not being specific here!) to the city of New Orleans. If you would like to join our team for dinner and drinks, we would love to have you! We would love to know what your questions about NOLA are, and we would really enjoy sharing our experiences with you.

Does this sound fun? Purchase your ticket HERE

Who :: New (ish) to NOLA Moms

When :: September 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Where :: Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans

What :: Dinner, drinks (complimentary beer and wine) and conversation

Cost :: $15

Every mom will leave with a small gift card to return to the Hard Rock Cafe AND some new connections and friendships. 

Disclaimers: ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO RAIN CHECKS.THIS EVENT WILL HAPPEN RAIN OR SHINE. In the event that you cannot attend the event we will do our best to assist you in finding another mom to exchange/give/or sell your ticket if the need arises and/or if time allows. Additionally, everyone that purchases a ticket will be subscribed to our email list (if they have not been already) in order to provide the most timely and up to date event info. Photos will be taken at the event and of attendees for use on the blog and on social media by the New Orleans Moms Blog and sponsors. If for any reason you would not like photos of yourself taken please immediately notify New Orleans Moms Blog personnel or email [email protected] in advance.


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