Best OB/GYNs in {and near} New Orleans

Disclaimer: Medical decisions are extremely personal, and we encourage everyone to do their own research in choosing a doctor. Additionally, this list is in no way an endorsement of any type of provider nor any specific hospital. We copied the quotes verbatim from our Facebook page and are unable to verify accuracy of the providers’ personalities or their ability to perform specific procedures.

We are often asked for our recommendations on OB/GYNs in the New Orleans area, and we usually turn to our wonderful readers {like you} through our Facebook page to get additional input. We have taken those recommendations, along with our own, and compiled a list of Obstetricians/Gynecologists for all the pregnant and soon to be pregnant women in and around New Orleans. To help you decide from this vast list of options, we have included a few of our readers’ quotes about their favorite doctors.



Dr. Paul DuTreil
“Love him!” “Supports natural births and VBACs.”

Dr. Jennifer Lapeyerolerie
“Spends a lot of time with her patients.” “Supportive of any birth plan including VBAC, breech, and twin vaginal births.”

Dr. Jennifer Mills-Messina
“Nicest Dr. I’ve ever met.”

Dr. Quinn Peeper

Dr. Rebecca Perret
“AMAZING!” “Best doctor for natural delivery.”

Dr. Janet Ross
“Love her.”

Dr. William Von Almen (Dr. Von Almen has retired from Obstetrics, but still practicing Gynecology)
“So wonderful!”

The above doctors had several recommendations, and they are all associated with Crescent City Physicians.

Dr. Florencia Polite

Dr. Rachel Reitan

Dr. Hope Ruhe

Dr. Valerie Williams

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists at Touro

Dr. Joseph Miller

Dr. Asha Heard

Dr. Ann Chau “She is fabulous. Held my hand the whole way through and actually made me laugh at times I never thought I’d be able to.”



Dr. Jennifer Brunet
“She is compassionate, spends tons of time with her patients, is available after hours for concerns and was fantastic during a very high risk pregnancy with early delivery.”

Dr. Nicole Charbonnet

Dr. Rajiv Gala
“Such a nice guy, and his nurses are always super nice.”

Dr. Veronica Gillispie
“She kept me educated and informed.”

Dr. Ellen Kruger

Dr. Elizabeth Lapeyre

Dr. Candace Moore
“Smart, kind, calm and supportive of various birth options, even my birth tub.”

Dr. George Morris IV
“Great bedside manner.”

Dr. Angela Parise
“She is very kind; takes her time with her patients.”

Dr. Margaret Roberie
“Nice and supportive of natural births.”

Dr. William Sargent

Dr. Shontell Thomas (Ochsner Kenner)

Dr. Amy Truitt (Ochsner Kenner)

Dr. Michael Wiedemann (Ochsner Kenner)
“He listens and is compassionate and just all around great!”

Dr. Anna White
“Supported all my crazy crunchy requests.”

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists at Ocshner

Dr. Sherri Longo

Dr. Cliff Moore

Dr. Alfred Robichaux III
“I can’t say enough good things about him.”

East Jefferson General Hospital

Dr. Samuel Alexander*

Dr. Jennifer Baur
“Great bedside manner and supported my desire for natural childbirth.”

Dr. Robin Bone*
“Can’t rave about her enough!”

Dr. Vernon Carriere*
“He is AMAZING!”

Dr. Steven Champlin

Dr. Lisa Colon*

Dr. Arelis Figueroa

Dr. Amy Grace*
“So awesome that sometimes I want to have a 4th baby just to have a reason to go to her office.”

Dr. Michael Graham*

Dr. Christina Goodridge
“Calm, cool, and collected, which is exactly what I needed.”

Dr. Eduardo Herrera

Dr. John Hevron*

Dr. Robert Hogan*
“Great bedside manner. Very nice guy”

Dr. Dorothy Kora*
“She is amazing.” “I second Dr. Kora, totally love her!”

Dr. Kathryn McClure*

Dr. Bennie Nobles*

Dr. Archana Paine*
“Love her!”

Dr. Eric Shultis*
“Kind, calm, and provides beautiful, emotional encouragement to moms.”

Dr. Alison Stewart*

Dr. Geraldine St. Germain*
“Takes the time to get to know you, always makes you feel comfortable, and always takes her time through appointments.”

Dr. Katherine Swing

Dr. Kathleen Sullivan*
“Really down to earth.” “Impeccable bedside manner.”

Dr. Sacha Wax
“Love her!”

*Also delivers at Tulane-Lakeside Hosptial



West Jefferson Medical Center

Dr. Richard Helman

Dr. Scott Nicholson-Uhl

Dr. Brandon Perez

Dr. Yuri Simani
“Compassionate, genuine and VBAC friendly”

Dr. Amy Vaughan

Dr. Mark Allen, West Jefferson and Ochsner Westbank
“His abilities as a doctor combined with his genuine personality can’t be beat.”

Dr. Sergio Castillo, West Jefferson and Ochsner Westbank
“I love him; he’s very laid back and direct.”

Dr. Jeanne Hutchinson, West Jefferson and Ochsner Westbank

Dr. Juan Labadie, West Jefferson and Ochsner Westbank

Dr. Vu Vuong, Ochsner Westbank

Northshore/Slidell Area

Dr. Gregory Berault, Slidell Memorial

Dr. Rachel Cresap, Lakeview Regional
“She was totally on-board for my natural delivery!”

Dr. Brian Guillory, Lakeview Regional

Dr. Blake Landry, Slidell Memorial
“He knew I wanted a natural birth and was supportive.”

Dr. Ann Lobello, Slidell Memorial

Dr. Daniel Mokry, Ochsner Northshore

Dr. Adela Narcisse, Ochsner Slidell

Dr. Lisandra Pagan, Lakeview Regional

Dr. Kevin M. Plaisance, St. Tammany Parish Hospital

Dr. Jessica Rinaldo, Lakeview Regional

Certified Nurse Midwives

Alison Clark, Certified Nurse Midwife, Crescent City Midwifery

Esther deJong, Certified Nurse Midwife, Perkin Alternative Birthing Center at Ochsner

Catherine Badeaux, Certified Nurse Midwife, Perkin Alternative Birthing Center at Ochsner
“I loved Cathy and Esther of Woman to Woman Midwifery.”

Home-Birth Midwives

Sally Acosta, Certified Professional Midwife
“Sally was loving, caring and supportive.”

Emmy Trammell, Certified Professional Midwife

Disclaimer: Medical decisions are extremely personal, and we encourage everyone to do their own research in choosing a doctor. Additionally, this list is in no way an endorsement of any type of provider nor any specific hospital. We copied the quotes verbatim from our Facebook page and are unable to verify accuracy of the providers’ personalities or their ability to perform specific procedures.

Don’t see your favorite doctor listed? Leave their name in the comments or email me at myndee {at} neworleansmomsblog {dot} com, and I will add them to the list.

Myndee is a 35ish year old New Orleans area native. She's an author, speaker and self-love advocate. As an introverted extrovert, Myndee loves being part of the generation where most of her friends live in her computer. She and her husband, Luis, live just outside the city with their three kids.


  1. Dr . Von Almen is wonderful and is still my Gyn, but, alas, my 2 year old was one of his last deliveries — he has since retired from obstetrics. 🙁

    • My doctor is Melissa Smith of Camellia City OBGYN in Slidell. She delivered my baby daughter at Slidell Memorial Hospital and provided the absolute best care!! She is kind, calm, and very attentive to any and all questions and was incredibly emotionally supportive when my daughter had to be rushed to the NICU when she was born. I’m excited to grow our family and to have her care throughout my next pregnancy!!

  2. Dr. Gillispie @ Ochsner Main Campus is the best! She has awesome bedside manner. She helped me to feel at ease during my pregnancy and not feel afraid about my issues with my fibroids. She kept me educated and informed. I love her!!

  3. Ochsner Baptist -Dr. William Sargent! He is the most through ob/gyn! Great at vag births, his c/s incisions are beautiful, and his circumcisions are perfect! A+

  4. I see Covington/mandeville is not represented! I’d like to recommend Dr. Rachel Cressap at Center for Women’s Health

    “She was totally on-board for my natural delivery!”

    • Hi Renee! We have a few Northshore doctors listed, but are happy to add more. Thanks for the recommendation, and I will be adding Dr. Cressap to the list. 🙂

  5. Sally Acosta brought our 4th baby into this world in my bedroom. Awesome experience for my wife, children, and myself. Sally is very professional and her service felt personal from start to finish.

  6. My doctor is Samuel Alexander. He delivers at Lakeside Hospital and he has a Slidell office. He is amazing. I am shocked he did not make this list.

  7. Dr.Juan Labadie is the best ever.After 37 years of experience,he is the best !The most caring and loveable man on earth.

  8. Sally Acosta was my midwife! She is amazing!!! I had 2 hospital births and decided for #3 to have a homebirth. Sally was a dream come true, everything I expected and so much more. She let my 2 older girls assist her at my appointments, and they still talk about how they got to help with their brother!

  9. DR. Vuong at Oschner Westbank is by far the best OBGYN I’ve ever seen. He is very funny and caring and makes you very comfortable. His main nurse Jenn is just as sweet as him. I look forward to going to my annual checkups just to see him and hear his jokes!r

  10. Dr. Brandon Perez at West Jefferson, awesome all around from bedside manner to surgery and everything in between. Definitely highly recommended to anyone who asks me for an opinion for an obgyn. His nurse is also equally as awesome!

  11. Dr Brandon Perez at West Jeff. Excellent doctor, really compassionate and sincere when my wife had complications. Excellent surgeon as well, highly recommended !

  12. Dr. Brandon Perez at West Jefferson. Awesome all around from bedside manner to surgery and everything in between. Definitely highly recommended! His nurse is also equally awesome!

  13. Dr. Brandon Perez at West Jeff. Very compassionate and sincere when my wife had complications. Excellent surgeon as well, highly recommended!

  14. At West Jefferson Hospital. BEST ORGAN EVER! Delivered both my kids and now is delivering my first nephew! His whole office is amazing and helpful. Never had a worry with my pregnancy. On call 24/7 for even the easy questions. Best part it’s the only office that I’ve ever had including my pediatrician’s that remember my name no matter where we run into them!!!

  15. At West Jefferson Hospital. BEST OBGYN EVER! Delivered both my kids and now is delivering my first nephew! His whole office is amazing and helpful. Never had a worry with my pregnancy. On call 24/7 for even the easy questions. Best part it’s the only office that I’ve ever had including my pediatrician’s that remember my name no matter where we run into them!!!

  16. Magnolia obstetrics at north oaks in hammond was amazing. Dr porter went above and beyond to make my experience better than I could have ever imagined. Love all their docs though.

  17. Dr Herrara @ Tulane Lakside

    Absolutely amazing, was so sweet and joked the whole time! His whole staff knew me by name it was maxing!!!

  18. Dr.Leah Gonski at East Jefferson General Hospital. That visit to the Gyno is usually an awkward situation. With Dr.Gonski, she does he best to make sure you are comfortable and in no way awkward!! Hasn’t had any children for her to deliver yet but family members have! She’s an A++

  19. Dr. Kruger happened to be on call when I went to the hospital at 27 weeks with my twins. Nothing was really wrong but I had a dizzy spell and just did not feel quite right. My blood pressure crashed to 40/20 a few minutes after I arrived and I spent the next few hours on the brink of death for no known reason. I could tell she was really frightened but Dr. Kruger still maintained her composure and she never gave up. She was amazing. Long story short, she became my OB. She is funny, kind, attentive to details and I thought she was exceptionally good by all measures. I am sure all of these doctors are good but after all of that I simply can’t imagine any of them being better.

  20. Dr. Dunn, used to be at EJ Hospital, but not sure if he is still delivering there? He is EXCELLENT!! Great guy with an amazing sense of humor!!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. All of the recommended Tulane doctors also deliver at EJ, so they are combined on the list above with a notation about their services at Tulane-Lakeside. I will be sure to add Dr. Graham. 🙂

  21. Dr Leah Gonski at East Jefferson is by far the best Ob/Gyn i have been to! She is very caring and informative. She always goes above and beyond to make all of her patients feel as though they are her number 1 priority. She delivered my son in July of 2013, and I am now due with my second son in September whom she will also deliver. My experiences with her have far exceeded any and all expectations of a Dr and a person. I would recommend her to everyone looking for a personal experience with a wonderful Dr and lady.

  22. Dr. Bacchus at Touro is the best!!! He takes his time with patients, is never in a rush, is gentle and calm. He is good to his patients, his nurses and his coworkers. I absolutely adore him. As a nurse, I have never seen another OB as levelheaded in deliveries as he is.

    • Yes he is wonderful! Dr Bacchus delivered my son 20 years ago! I had a few compilations and he made sure I was well aware and very concerned about me long after! God bless him!

  23. Dr. Leah Gonski at East Jefferson is by far the best Dr. There.. I had one of my toughest pregnancies and at every visit she would sit and talk and go over everyone of my concerns I was never a number nor was my significant other. Anything he wanted to know she would explain. This was my third and final baby. With Dr. Gonski or her nurse they always make it a point to sit and talk about all aspects of life not just the pregnancy. You have to love a great dr and that’s what she is..

  24. Westbank women’s health- dr brandon perez. He is an amazing dr! And he will be delivering my 2nd baby soon and it will be my last 🙁

  25. While I dont have personal recommendation, I would love to see recommendations for vbac friendly MDs on the northshore in Slidell/Covington/Mandeville area.

  26. Dr. Alison Stewart at EJGH (also delivers at Tulane Lakeside). She delivered both of my babies. She’s great, her staff is awesome and she has an in office lab which was super convenient.

  27. UMMMM DR. GRAHAM !!!!!!!! He is the best!!! I can’t believe he’s not on this list. I saw that Tulane dr.’s attend to EJ patients. Sorry but that is not true. Dr. Graham DOES NOT go to EJGH… Just FYI.. He is the best though. So honest and you NEVER leave having a question in answered.

  28. Dr. Eugenio Labadie at West Jefferson Medical Center is the best OB Physician. He is extremely attentive, compassionate and kind. He delivered all 3 of my children and I could not have asked for a better experience. Unfortunately,my first child passed away from SIDS at 4 months, and he was very empathetic and supportive during my next 2 pregnancies. He understood my fears and concerns and always made \me feel so comfortable during each visit. I would recommend him to everyone.

  29. I used Amy Troia was my doula for my March delivery. She was wonderful and helped coach my husband and I through my “dream” natural delivery. She came to me several times to help me prepare for child birth and was there for me; even due in my false alarms, the entire time. Wether by phone or in person! Cannot say enough good things.

  30. DR. HOERNER @EJGH. He is such a wonderful dr. He takes his time and always makes you feel at ease. He really cares for his patients; he makes you feel like you are top priority. I’m shocked he’s not on here. I can’t say enough good things about him. He goes above and beyond for his patients. Best dr ever! Love the office and staff too. #1 for sure.

  31. Dr Ingrid Roskos is absolutely the best! She has delivered all four of my children. I had really bad postpartum depression. She was so caring. She called and checked on me, gave me her personal number, and set me up with someone I could talk to. She has stayed on top of my depression issues through out every pregnancy. She also listened to my wishes to have natural births. She has made sure she delivered all my babies b/c of my depression issues. My husband and I love her dearly. She has a new nurse who is super sweet! Everyone that works in the front office area is super helpful

  32. Dr. Williams is the best. Super mellow and very patient with my questions and concerns. She just delivered my first baby in June and I miss her already!

  33. I had to comment on Dr. Brunet at Ochsner who is beyond amazing… she is the best physician… not just OB/GYN… that I’ve ever seen. She handled a very high-risk pregnancy and early delivery for us and my husband raves about her more than even I do saying he has never seen a look of dedicated concentration like the one she had on the night I delivered and he knew my son and I were in the best possible hands. She is calming, hilarious and honest… and has taken my paranoid texts and calls on Friday nights… and my husband’s as well. We probably haven’t been the easiest patients and she treats us like friends.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I know this is a very old post and very random, but I was looking back to see comments about Dr. Brunet because I’m not sure if I caught her over a crazy busy/bad year or what but while I really liked her for check-up’s during pregnancy, I found her very hard to reach…like the med assistants were the only people to respond to me. She was great during delivery but I had some complications afterward and she never came to follow-up for the 3 days I was there. It was bizarre and I’m obviously still annoyed as I heard so many good things about her. Anyway, I am looking for another doctor. I wanted to followup with you to see if you still see her? Do you still recommend? Maybe it’s new patients she isn’t as attentive with.

      thank you!

  34. I always recommend Dr. Craig Landwehr in the Covington/Mandeville area at Doctors for Women. He delivered my last 2 babies and is awesome! He is always nice and listens to any questions or concerns.

  35. Dr. Helman at west Jeff was my doctor and I loved him. He was very direct and never made me feel rushed during our appointments. He wasn’t in call when I went into labor so another doctor from the practiced delivered my son. Still a great experience!

  36. i LOVE dr. Veronica Gillispie! She has been my OB/gyn for 5 years. She has delivered both of my babies. She is incredibly helpful and kind! She loves natural birthing! With my first I wanted to birth standing up or squatting. She said “I’ve never done it, but I’ve been doing my yoga. I’ll squat down there and catch it!” And she did!!

  37. Dr john mccrossen ochsner kenner/laplace. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Has been my doc for almost 9yrs now. Caring, takes the time to answer questions, thorough, honest, and easy to talk to. Listens to me when I have an opinion about what’s going on with ME and doesn’t discount my concerns. Can’t say enough good things about him.

  38. Dr. Berault was my doctor for all 3 of my babies, and he’s seriously the best! With my third, I had trouble with bleeding too much after delivery. The look of concern on his face showed just how much he cares about the health and safety of his patients. He knew exactly what to do to avoid a total hysterectomy (spelling?). He saved my life, and I’m eternally grateful to him. Choose Dr. Berault for your OB!

  39. Dr. Jennifer Mills and her staff are wonderful! They have become family and are so incredibly supportive! She is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and I could not imagine having babies without her. Having baby number 2 and could feel more comfortable knowing I have a great OB with a great team behind me. Thanks for all you do!

  40. Dr. Louise Collins delivered my baby. She was amazing throughout the entire pregnancy, and delivered my baby even though she wasn’t on call. She has her own practice and delivers at your choice of Ocshner Kenner or East Jeff. She’s very personable and has a great sense of humor. She always makes me feel like family.

  41. Dr Jennifer Laguaite with Crescent City Physicians at Touro. She was so helpful with all my questions, was incredibly easy to talk to, and was open to all my birth preferences around natural delivery.

  42. Dr Michael Cohen at Ochsner Kenner! He delivered my siblings and I plus all 3 of my nieces! Hoping he doesn’t retire to deliver my kids!

  43. Hi I wanted to add Dr. Kira Clement from the Northshorr who delivers at Saint Tammany! She’s awesome and listens to every concern and fulfills every wish! She’s the first doctor on the Northshore to use the Family Viewing Drape for csection deliveries which allows csection patients to be more connected to the delivery allowing them to witness the birth of their child as opposed to having to be stuck behind a blue drape waiting while everyone else is in awe ! Love love love her!! And the experience with that drape!

  44. Dr.peeper is the most unprofessional doctor in America. He loves to poor patients with medicaid because they don’t ask question at visits, he make us wait for hours to see him for 5 minute. He don’t know patient name or your children name he delivered. He encouraged me to have a c section and it was my first child. He staff is unprofessional at both office. If you want SLUM service this is your guy!!!!

  45. Dr. Torres at Ochsner Kenner is amazing! While at home and not on call he saw my name in the system called in to verify and immediately came in to delivery my baby. He is a doctor that does not rush you, and takes the time to answer all questions(crazy or not) that you have at anytime. His nurse Erika is amazing as well, always so sweet even takes the baby(when I was forced to bring her) to entertain her while you get examined! Love them!

  46. Dr Leah Gonski at Oschner Baptist is amazing! She is very thorough and has a natural way about making you feel at ease. She also doesn’t make you feel judged in any way(I’ve had this problem in the past) She delivered both of my boys and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.

  47. Dr. Leah Gonski at Ochsner Baptist is absolutely amazing! She delivered our twins. I had a very hard pregnancy and she’s been there for us to ease and answer all of our concerns. She’s very kind and caring. I had an emergency c section and she came in right away on her off day to deliver them.

    Our high risk Dr. Sherri Longo is amazing too! We are so grateful and thankful for such great doctors.

  48. Dr. Brunet at Ochsner is still my favorite doctor I’ve ever encountered. She spent so much time with my husband and I at each prenatal appointment, answering ridiculous questions from two attorneys and first-time parents-to-be. Dr. Brunet was incredible during delivery and by that time my husband and I both felt incredibly comfortable and close with her. Shortly after giving birth, I began to suffer with severe post-partum depression, and Dr. Brunet was (and still is) amazingly supportive and compassionate throughout the entire process. She’ll give it to you straight but somehow manages to stay so compassionate and warm. Couldn’t have asked for a better OB-GYN.

  49. Hello! wanted to see if there are any more Ob-Gyn recommendations in particular for Ochsner Baptist. I’m 4 weeks and not sure where to start searching for a doctor.. Thank you so much for everyone that has put in their input so far! Would love more updates as this post is from 2014. Thanks again 🙂


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