Get Excited Southshore Mamas, Habaneros is Coming to Metairie!

Get Excited Southshore Mamas, Habaneros is Coming to Metairie!

If you haven’t heard, Habanero’s is coming to Metairie! They will be located at 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd at Lakeside Shopping Center. The Northshore mamas love Habanero’s so much, we’re getting one in Mandeville. They will be located at 3900 Highway 22 (where Cucina Congemi used to be). This means by the end of the year, there will be four Habaneros locations within ten miles of my house! Habanero’s is locally owned with two locations in Covington, one in Madisonville, and one in Slidell. I have a feeling y’all are gonna love it too!

Habaneros margarita and chips with salsa.
Habanero’s margarita and chips with salsa.

Why Do We Love Habanero’s?

Most people I know have love in their heart for Mexican food and don’t mind eating it frequently. I think we’re fortunate to have several quality Mexican restaurants on both sides of Lake Pontchartrain that each bring their own flavor, style, and originality to dishes we all love. Habanero’s is no different…add them to your favorites list now! I polled a few mamas I know and these are a few of the reasons we think you should get excited about Habanero’s!

  • Their tasty margaritas! Our top favorite is the skinny.
  • Their lettuce wrap tacos! We recommend you try the caribenos.
  • Their pork rinds! This is a great low carb, crunchy alternative for chips.
  • Their potosinas enchiladas! Perfect for cheese lovers.
  • Their fresh guacamole!
  • Their kids menu!
  • Their love for big groups!
  • Their party trays for catering!

Whether it’s mom’s night out, family dinner, work lunch, or eating with the sports team, Habanero’s is perfect for every occasion!

It’s a great place to teach your littlest bestie girl to love queso!

Coming SOON!

Metairie Location: 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd

Mandeville Location: 3900 Highway 22


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