The Game Show Network – Game Night Whenever You Want

As I’m writing this, we’re watching “America Says” on the Game Show Network. We love the Game Show Network! It makes me laugh because I always say my kiddo is an old soul, but the truth is I am too a little bit. But I’m also from the generation babysat by our grandmas. We were raised on Price is Right, Family Feud, and Supermarket Sweep. I love a good gameshow! I love competition and trivia. And I love that with Game Show Network, nobody ever loses in your house!

Game Show Network reminds me of Nick at Nite Block Party Summer.  It must be a nostalgia thing. Munster Mondays, Lucy Tuesdays, Bewitched Be-Wednesdays, Jeanie Thursdays … I loved watching those classics more than cartoons. I can vividly remember my brother, my sister, my mom, and I watching episodes together. It was the best! Something special about those classic tv shows. There’s something special about game shows too.

Deal or No Deal and Match Game are regulars on the circuit. Absolute classics! A month or so ago I was watching an episode of DOND from 2003. I was a junior in high school when this episode first aired. I took a video of the contestant and sent it to my worker. Doppleganger down to the sound of her voice and expressions. She is a few years older than me, and I asked her if she was ever a contestant on this show. Long lost twin for sure. It was great! We laughed and laughed.

We do not enjoy all shows on the Game Show Network. We never watch Master Minds or Cash Cab. All others are winners in our opinion! Our favorite is definitely America Says. We also really enjoy $100,000 Pyramid (the new one with Michael Strahan), People Puzzler, Chain Reaction, and Switch. The last several summers during our annual beach trip, the Game Show Network has been a staple on television. Why…

Because everyone enjoys it!

Great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and kids of all ages. Everyone can participate. And generally (generally), the content is appropriate for everyone too. And when it isn’t, it’s always funny. Win-win! It’s a family game night every episode. Just keep in mind Family Feud saves the “funny” episodes for the nighttime 🙂

It’s easy television. It’s something everyone can watch and enjoy and engage in together. Participating as a contestant on a game show is still very much on my bucket list. I would LOVE to be on Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune. But for now, I’ll keep playing from the couch. So, if you and your family are interested in a stress-free game night, check out the Game Show Network!

Available 24/7/365 😉 


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