5 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family This Year

It’s a family tradition! Why do we drink … to get drunk! I digress – I hear that phrase and automatically think Hank Williams, Jr. And for some families, the holidays involve spirits, which is always a good idea in my book.

I gathered some of our favorite Christmas traditions for ideas you can implement with your families. After asking friends, many of our traditions are the same, and some are very unique!

Christmas cookiesBaking Cookies

This is one tradition so many of us did as children and now share with our own. Most families have a designated “cookie day.” As a kid, I couldn’t wait until Christmas break so I could spend the day at my granny’s baking. She taught me how to make sugar cookie dough from scratch as well as royal icing. She never minded that the cookies I made as kid were a hot mess. I use the same recipe as an adult and have improved my designs quite a bit.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I was introduced to this tradition when I joined my husband’s family for Christmas the first time. The whole family gathered around as his Aunt Sandy carried out a birthday cake filled with candles. Unaware, I called out “Oooh, who’s birthday is it?!” Everyone looked at me like I was bananas, and Josh whispers “Umm, it’s Jesus’ birthday.” DUH, Angelina. I still get lovingly teased about this one. I love this tradition now; it’s a great reminder to your kids of the true meaning of Christmas.

RooseveltThe Roosevelt

I adore The Roosevelt at Christmas, I think it is the most beautifully decorated hotel in the city. Many friends also make a point to head there each year to enjoy hot chocolate and beignets. We also join a group of friends for their annual Teddy Bear Tea, which Jude (and mommy) loves.

Christmas Eve Spirits, Pajamas and Plays

Everyone loves a festive drink. My family usually enjoys poinsettias (champagne and cranberry juice) or wine. A couple of our contributors both enjoy a good egg nog daiquiri, some paired with Popeye’s before Christmas cooking begins. Mulled wine is another favorite, sipped while wrapping all the gifts late into the evening.

When I was young, my cousins and I would get so excited to wear our christmas nightgowns on Christmas Eve, reserved just for that night. There was something special about a fancy nightgown as a girl, more than just regular jammies. I also thought we were the only family who would put on our own Christmas play, but it turns out I have some friends who do this to. Think ‘The night baby Jesus was born’ or other Christmas story and let your kids use their imaginations!

Christmas tree farmCutting Down Your Own Tree

This seems to be common in Northern states where they have more tree farms, but I am seeing it more here now. My mother in law grew up in Indiana and always talks about doing this, as does a friend of mine from Illinois. What a fun adventure to take kids on! If you want to try it out, there is Steele Christmas Tree Farm near Franklinton.

What are your favorite traditions? Will you stick to the tried and true or add some new ones?



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