5 Reasons Why You Still Need Your Girlfriends

I may be 32 in my thirties, but I still talk to my girlfriends nearly every day. It may just be via text and emoticons some days, but we stay in touch. These are women I need in my life, to get me through every day. I truly think it’s a necessity, and if you’ve grown apart from your friends,  I encourage you to find your way back to each other.

Here are five reasons why :: 

best friend collageSupport

Your girlfriends are one of the best support systems you can have. When you’re having a particularly awful day and feel like screaming at everyone, they are there to remind you that you’re not alone. Near panic attack? It’s ok! Your friends are here to tell you take a deep breath, put your big girl panties on, and share an equally painful story about themselves. And with a true friend, it’s never TMI. My friends and I have discussed EVERYTHING from the <horrid> aftermath of birth to the struggle of the daily grind. Just when I think I have it the worst, they join me in solidarity.

Once you have kids, play dates are an added bonus when you can watch your kids grow up together. About a year ago, another mom at school approached me about reading the blog. Luckilykids collage, she looked past my resting b*tch face, and we’ve forged a great friendship. We nursed our second kids together while watching our older two grow and learn. Now, we go out together and she’s become part of my legion of gal pals. You’re never too old to make new friends.

Men are from Mars

Sometimes men just don’t understand. Our brains are wired differently, and even though they listen, they may not truly get it and say what you need to hear. Or know not to say anything and just listen. Plus, if you need a swift kick in the butt, you won’t get mad at your friend for saying it. Your friends have lived through and cried about the same things. It’s a camaraderie you can’t find elsewhere.

Christian Grey and Olivia Popewell-be-best-friends-forever

Who else wants to talk about all that bologna? We spend many conversations babbling about the most insignificant, ridiculous things. It’s a great way for me to unwind and just disconnect from a long day.  Trust me, my husband does not want to spend hours talking about all the crap we do. Books, nail color, makeup, tv shows, desserts, home remedies, sex, cooking, home decor…he’d fall asleep. It runs the gambit, and your girlfriends want to hear all about it.

No boys allowed

Girls night out/weekend away is a must. For my local friends, tacky sweaterswe go to dinner once a month. No kids, no hubbies. For my long distance girls, we book a girls trip every year. Your friends will do crazy things with you, hold your hair when you puke, and will do it all over again the next day. There’s a comfort in that kind of friendship, and it’s a nice break when life gets you down. Besides, who else would agree to a tacky sweater dinner party?


My friends have become my extended family. We love each other to the moon and back, and as my friend put it, “God grants us a bond with a few people whose friendship is more like a sisterhood.” My closest friends and I have known each other since before we hit puberty. You really know a person when you go through life together like that. We understand and support each other and would do anything for each other. You adopt each other’s families and truly get everyone’s crazy. We stood by each other’s sides for our weddings, births of our children, and even divorce. It’s thick and thin, til the end.

 Do you still have close relationships with your girlfriends?




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