Four Tips to Help You Secure a FREE Breast Pump

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Breast Pumps Louisiana. That said, we are excited to have a local company share their tips to help you receive a FREE breast pump!

Four Tips to Help You Secure a FREE Breast Pump

Get Informed

Under the Affordable Care Act, breastfeeding service and supplies are a covered benefit. Below are some websites you can visit for additionalbreastmilk2 information about the provisions regarding breast pumps under the Affordable Care Act:

Apply For Your FREE Breast Pump

This might sound silly but you cannot obtain a breast pump for free unless you do the leg work to obtain it! You can choose to figure out that process yourself OR fill out and submit an Insurance Breast Pump Application online HERE and leave the work to the experts. Our representative will obtain a prescription from your doctor and submit all necessary paperwork to your insurance company on your behalf (all at no additional cost to you).

Choose a Pump Wisely

Our representative will determine which breast pumps are covered by your insurance plan and contact you to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage. Breast pump options can be found on our website but we also encourage you to do your research. Do you have a friend or trusted resource you can ask about pump preferences? Read reviews online. Check out valuable resources such as and your local moms blog.

Don’t Wait to Start the Process! Obtain your Pump Prior to Having Your Baby

Many lactation consultants recommend putting baby to breast exclusively at first but we all know that sometimes there are exceptions such as poor latches, NICU stays, sick moms and other “bumps in the road.” For all those reasons we will work with you prior to your birth to make sure you have a breast pump available and on hand when your baby is born. Upon receiving your application, our first step will be to verify your insurance and obtain a physician’s prescription. Shipping of your pump does depend on your insurance companies guidelines and we may be required to wait until at least 30 days prior to your due date to ship your pump. Customer Service will advise you of any guidelines your insurance company has on when you may receive your pump. MedSource will ship your pump from our warehouse. Shipping times can vary from 1 – 5 business days.

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AndrewJordanDSC_0152Andrew and Michelle Jordan are both Louisiana natives and proud parents to three young boys. Andrew, originally from Monroe, La, graduated from Ouachita High School and Southeastern Louisiana University. Michelle, born and raised in Baton Rouge, graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy and Louisiana State University. Andrew works in sales and Michelle is a former preschool teacher (more recently a stay at home mom). Michelle breastfed their three children while working a full time job. Each time, after taking maternity leave, she returned to work toting a breast pump. They are very familiar with how necessary and expensive a breast pump can be for both working and non-working moms. Before having their third child, Michelle was told about the Affordable Care Act by a friend and was able to obtain a free breast pump covered by their insurance. Many new moms are unaware of the benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act. MedSource gave Andrew and Michelle Jordan the opportunity to share with other moms that their insurance plan must cover the cost of a new breast pump. Andrew and Michelle partnered with MedSource and created in May of 2016.


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