Dear Adele, Can We Be Best Friends?

Dear Adele,

I just finished watching you on The Grammy Awards. I want to personally thank you for being so real.

Thank you for messing up the George Michael tribute and asking to starting it over.

Thank you for cursing when you realized you messed it up.

Thank you for singing it again and rocking it like a boss.

Thank you for being flustered when you accepted your award because you felt badly for cursing.

Thank you for apologizing publicly for cursing.

Thank you for giving someone else the chance to speak at the microphone.

Thank you for admitting you had a girl crush on Beyonce.

Thank you for complimenting her on her music and motherhood.

Thank you for being a little socially awkward.

Thank you for admitting you lost yourself and who you really are when you had a child.

Most of all, thank you for admitting in front of millions motherhood is really hard.

Can we be best friends?




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