Hurricane A-Coming? I’m So Not Ready

Unless you live under a rock, you know hurricane season started June 1. It is my sister’s birthday so I always am aware of the date. I admit, that day there is also a little tiny voice in the back of my mind that whispers, “You know it’s the start of Hurricane Season today.” I try to ignore it, but it does become a little bigger and louder as the season progresses.

Every time I see a disturbance possibly heading our way, I begin to prepare for an evacuation. 

Mentally prepare, that is. I’m not from south Louisiana originally and have not had to evacuate for a hurricane yet since we’ve lived here. (It has been seven years, I know, the time could be near!) I have numerous lists in my head of what I should take and need to take in the event of evacuating that haven’t ever come to fruition. My husband and I always discuss what we should do to prepare … but don’t.

Sure, we have our home/flood insurance in order, but I am going to be honest here, that is about it.

So there you have it. The truth is I am not in any shape or form prepared for a hurricane evacuation. 

My parents live in North Louisiana, so I have an escape route. It’s the actual process of evacuating that frightens me. Side note: my husband works in an industry where he would not evacuate with us. If an evacuation is in effect, he will evacuate with his company. This leaves one vehicle containing myself, two kids, a dog, and our “most important” life belongings.

There are many facets of an evacuation: the house preparation outside and inside; the car preparation for the possible long ride; and let’s not forget the “stuff” preparation of choosing which items I must choose to take or leave. Quite frankly, there is so much information regarding preparing for a hurricane, I get overwhelmed.

This year, I have decided I am not putting this task off any longer. Upon doing some research, I found this post which is a great start for preparing for a hurricane.

I need your help mommas … what advice do you give in preparing for a hurricane evacuation?


  1. Gah! I am in the same boat ! Moved here 3 years ago & never had to evacuate & my husband will have to stay here with his work if there is an evacuation. I hope you share any words of wisdom you receive.


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