How and When an Orthodontist Can Do Their Best Work

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How and When an Orthodontist Can Do Their Best Work

How and When an Orthodontist Can Do Their Best WorkThe Evolution of the Smile 

Ever wonder WHY there are so many crooked smiles these days? Did you know that it wasn’t always this way? Have you ever thought about what those ancient skulls looked like that you saw when you were in school? There were no overbites! There were no cross-bites! There wasn’t even much crowding at all. AND they all had wisdom teeth that were nice and straight. What happened to us? What changed? Simple answer: farming. Mass farming.

When we stopped eating rough, course, hard to chew diets, and began eating refined products, our tongues and facial muscles didn’t get the workout they were designed to have. And as we all know, if you don’t use it, you lose it! “Bone is grown, it does not grow!” repeated the world-renowned bone biologist, Dr. Melvin Moss to us Orthodontic residents at Columbia University. If the muscles aren’t pushing against and stimulating our palates and other facial bones, the bones begin to slowly atrophy and collapse, or they don’t even grow adequately to begin with during early childhood. As our palates (also the floors of our airways) become more narrow, our tongues aren’t able to fully fit up against it. In short, our jaws have gotten smaller, and our airways are much smaller. Snorning, mouth-breathing, chronic congestion, poor sleep quality, sleep apnea, and (perhaps even ADHD and anxiety), are all very commonplace in our society, resulting in serious lifelong health issues.

How and When an Orthodontist Can Do Their Best Work

One of the many goals of Dr. Hamada’s, as an orthodontist, is to widen the teeth and jaw bones so that not only are the teeth able to be straight, but the airway can be as open as possible. In our practice, we very rarely have to resort to expanders, and we use very very light forces. The best expansion results that we see are those in young children. Young children’s bone metabolism is extraordinary, and the light forces we use encourage an incredibly exciting amount of dental and facial bone growth in very short periods of time. Children 10 years old and younger experience the most dramatic results; however, we are able to show marked facial changes well into adulthood, all without expanders.

Ask Yourself These Questions About Your Child to Determine if They Need to See an Orthodontist:

  • Is he/she a mouth breather?
  • Does he/she struggle with sleep? Or is he/she difficult to wake up?
  • Are his/her lips apart while watching TV or riding in the car?
  • Does he/she grind his/her teeth at night?
  • Is he/she usually congested in the morning hours?

A “yes” to any of these questions warrants an evaluation. Consultations are complimentary, and you’ll leave fully educated about the way your child is breathing, and how your child’s facial structure and teeth are developing. You’ll understand when treatment (if at all) would be beneficial, and what that would entail!

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