Holidays in New Orleans

Showing Holidays in New Orleans

Living in New Orleans, it’s no secret that it’s a city of celebration. From New Years to Independence Day through Christmas, the holidays in New Orleans offer a chance for our lovely city to show off its beauty, its excitement, and its generosity.

There’s no shortage of parades and there’s no end of things to do, which is why New Orleans Mom is your guide for everything you need to know for the holidays in New Orleans.

Our guides give you everything a New Orleans Mom needs to know for celebrating. We show you how to build a better Easter basket. We know where all the best pumpkin patches are. We’ve even got ideas for how to find that tough-to-pick gift for Dad on Father’s Day

At Christmas, the holiday lights illuminate the garlands draped across New Orleans. From the spectacular light displays of Celebration in the Oaks to the roaring Christmas Eve bonfires that glow on the banks of the Mississippi River, New Orleans Mom is any mom’s best resource on how to make the most of the holidays, with helpful guides, blog posts, and other updates.

If it’s a New Orleans holiday, there’s a parade. Not only for Mardi Gras, the holidays feature parades for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day, and Halloween. But big holidays stretch farther than the parade route, so whether it’s planning your Valentine’s Day, finding the right spot for the riverside Fourth of July fireworks show, or celebrating the New Year, New Orleans Mom has you covered. 

Before you celebrate the holidays, be sure to check New Orleans Mom for all the tips, ideas, news, and reviews that will help any mom make the most of the celebrations.

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