My Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is approaching and I love putting together Easter baskets for my 3 kids. I typically view Christmas as a time for a little more indulgence, but Easter baskets are a little more practical. I try to fill it with things I know they will need, and I would have to buy anyway, 2 birds, one stone as they say. Here are my top 10 Easter Basket Ideas.

1. Bathing Suit. Each Year I get my kids one or two bathing suits; they will need new ones for the summer anyway.
2. Sunscreen. Face and body variety
3. Sandals. Fancy Sandals (for church or nice events) poolside sandals (slide on variety or flip flops)
4. Sports equipment. I use this as a time to stock up on needed sports items. Baseballs, softballs, soccer balls, shin guards, bats, batting bags, helmets, gloves and the like.
5. Goggles. Every year I buy my kids a good pair of googles. We have found the Speedo or TYR goggles work the best and last the longest. We have tried them all and as far as goggles go, you get what you pay for.
6. Spring/Summer clothing. Shorts, dresses, hats, sunglasses- you get the idea
7. Fun toys for the pool/beach.
8. Beach Towel. we never seem to have enough. Easter basket is a good time to add to the collection
9. Large Outdoor Toy to share. one year we got them an above ground pool. This is our third year having it and they love it. We have also gotten a soccer goal and a kid kayak as an example. Our guidelines are something to keep them active, outdoors and together.
10. Chocolate Easter Bunny- We do not do a lot of candy, but I make an exception for the bunny. Everybody needs a chocolate bunny in their basket ?

*Author’s Note :: During this time of social distancing, we do encourage you to shop online with local small businesses, such as Little Pnuts, Olive Patch and many others around NOLA. 

Liz Hernandez
Liz Hernandez was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She briefly exited the city for college to South Carolina for 4 years, and although beautiful, she missed the diversity and culture of her native NOLA. Liz moved back and married her husband of now more than 13 years, Jose. Liz is a Realtor with NOLA Living Realty and real estate investor with her husband. Her family has been in the Real Estate business in New Orleans for more than 3 generations and she loves talking all things real estate, investing and money managing. Liz loves to travel, read and be anywhere close to the water. Liz’s most valuable and important job is being Mom to her 3 kids, Luciana, Miles and Sophia. She loves to bring them everywhere and try new things. Her friends often call her “the fun mom” or their “kid fun agent”. Her home is often found filled with neighborhood kids, friends’ kids and any kid who wants a fun and safe place to play and have a snack (although this results in a consistently messy house, le se le bon temp rouler).


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