Katie M

Katie M
Katie is a towboater’s wife and devoted mother to son, Olie (2015). She's lived across the Southeast and has been a proud, Mardi Gras-loving resident of New Orleans since 2008. Though she recently transitioned to the Communications Director role at her school, she is and will always be an educator at heart and a fierce advocate for gifted learners. Football season is her favorite time of year; she bleeds red and black for the Georgia Bulldogs and can be found cheering loudly with her fellow Who Dats in the Superdome. She enjoys making to-do lists, drinking too much iced coffee, and beating the guys in fantasy football.

I Am Not a Single Mom

For six months of every year, I am on my own with my son. But I am not a single mom. I handle holidays, school breaks, and sick days on my own. But I am not a...

We Were Victims of a Home Break-in

We love our small house in Mid-City. We love our neighbors, we love the shops and restaurants nearby, and we love that we have a driveway-- what a rare commodity in this city! We’d...

Momfession :: We Gave Our Son a “Weird” Name

Years ago, in true judgy-childless-woman form, I read and heard children’s names and promised, “I will never give my child a weird name." I determined then and there that I would never choose a...

In Defense of Homemade Costumes

Deep in a box of keepsakes, sandwiched between gilded macaroni frames and first-day-of-school photos, some of my earliest Halloween costumes can be found. I don’t remember wearing them, but the fabric feels familiar, and...

The Five Roads You’ll Drive in New Orleans

I’ll never forget the summer when I drove my Volvo from Louisiana to Connecticut. A crunching sound had been coming from the driver’s side front wheel since before I left New Orleans, and I...


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