Katie M

Katie M
Katie is a towboater’s wife and devoted mother to son, Olie (2015). She's lived across the Southeast and has been a proud, Mardi Gras-loving resident of New Orleans since 2008. Though she recently transitioned to the Communications Director role at her school, she is and will always be an educator at heart and a fierce advocate for gifted learners. Football season is her favorite time of year; she bleeds red and black for the Georgia Bulldogs and can be found cheering loudly with her fellow Who Dats in the Superdome. She enjoys making to-do lists, drinking too much iced coffee, and beating the guys in fantasy football.

6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas For AFTER The Newborn Stage

Author's Note :: ALL parents expanding their families, either by natural birth, adoption, surrogacy, etc., deserve to be celebrated. My hope is that this post provides ideas for baby gifts that will be helpful...

Please Color Outside of the Lines

A few weeks ago, my son picked up a Crayola marker and carefully filled in a green leaf on his coloring page. Without looking up, he said to me, “My friends told me I...

RIP, My Trusty Flat Iron

My reliable, sturdy Chi flat iron, purchased in 2004, died last week. You may think that I’m silly, overly dramatic, and sentimental. You’d be right, of course, but this loss--and it IS a loss-- is...

I Am Not a Single Mom

For six months of every year, I am on my own with my son. But I am not a single mom. I handle holidays, school breaks, and sick days on my own. But I am not a...

We Were Victims of a Home Break-in

We love our small house in Mid-City. We love our neighbors, we love the shops and restaurants nearby, and we love that we have a driveway-- what a rare commodity in this city! We’d...

Momfession :: We Gave Our Son a “Weird” Name

Years ago, in true judgy-childless-woman form, I read and heard children’s names and promised, “I will never give my child a weird name." I determined then and there that I would never choose a...

In Defense of Homemade Costumes

Deep in a box of keepsakes, sandwiched between gilded macaroni frames and first-day-of-school photos, some of my earliest Halloween costumes can be found. I don’t remember wearing them, but the fabric feels familiar, and...

The Five Roads You’ll Drive in New Orleans

I’ll never forget the summer when I drove my Volvo from Louisiana to Connecticut. A crunching sound had been coming from the driver’s side front wheel since before I left New Orleans, and I...


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