Sometimes You Just Have to Dig Deep

Every nine weeks, my son’s school recognizes the students who meet their reading goals with a party. The party includes a game certificate to a place that offers arcade games, pizza, and a hundred school kids (or more) running around with no shoes hyped up on sugary sodas and enthusiasm. Tuesday night at supper, my son announced the party was Wednesday. That meant the next day I would have to go directly from school, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

strengthTo digress, this week had been unexpectedly chaotic. It was truly just one of “those” weeks. We all have them, they may include doctor appointments, car appointments, school meetings, a husband working late, a sick kiddo, and/or preparing to go out of town. My week included all of the above. I knew I was going to have to dig deep to find the strength to go. I knew my son deserved being rewarded for meeting his goal; I would have to succumb to the kid haven and just go.

When we arrived at the party place, I saw all sorts of moms and dads there. Some had multiple children with them, some had just come from work and were still in uniform, and some just had the sheer look of practiced patience. As I  struck a conversation with another mom I told her, “You know, I really had to dig deep to come here; it was a struggle.” She then earnestly agreed and told me about her day with her autistic son who she homeschools, her daughter in public school, as well as her obligations and appointments that day she had to fulfill.

On the way home, I couldn’t help but think of all the times we dig deep to find the strength as moms to do what we need to do for our children. It’s days like those days you finally get in bed absolutely exhausted and your kid starts throwing up – and it lasts all night. It’s those days that you work an all night shift in the emergency room to have to stay up all day to attend a band concert with what feels like sand in your eyes you’re so tired. It’s those days you cannot possibly imagine one more thing going wrong, and your kid has a horrific day and you have to get it together and somehow perform damage control. Some days digging deep is on the easy side of the scale; some days it’s on the near impossible side.

It’s just what we do. We don’t get to stop and think about it all the time but digging deep is an innate characteristic for mothers. So for all the moms who feel like they weren’t their best that day, maybe you weren’t, but you have been. My hope for all of us is we can learn more to step back and remember those times we had to dig deep, and we conquered. That we can show ourselves a little grace during those extra rough times and know we’ve got what it takes to do this mom thing.


  1. Love these encouraging post. I am a grandmother now and remember those days. To know your are not alone is such a help. Motherhood, the best and toughest job. God bless all moms for their love and sacrifice.


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