Thank You Neonatal Nurses

Sixteen months agoNICU baby

Like all mothers, I remember giving birth to my twins with nostalgia. Never did I think I would be surrounded by such amazing doctors and neonatal nurses that day. You see, my twins decided to make an early appearance at thirty-six weeks and five days making them late preterm babies. I remember being so scared, overwhelmed and anxious about my twins’ arrival for so many reasons, but two amazing neonatal nurses came by my side before prepping me for my c-section to calm my nerves. They explained what was going to happen to my babies, and how they would be there the entire time for them. I remember the love I felt instantly towards them from knowing that my babies would be in great hands.

My c-section

Six neonatal nurses (three for each babies) attended my birth, along with two nurses, two doctors and three anesthesiologists. The music was playing, everyone was happy and laughing and then my daughter was pulled out and her scream led me to know she was born. She looked so tiny as my doctor held her over the drape. She had such a voice despite being a little over four pounds. Three minutes later, my son was born and my doctor handed him directly to the neonatal nurses. He was born with perinatal asphyxia and had to be helped. I asked my doctor why she wasn’t showing me my son and instantly my doctor said “He’s okay, he just needs to be seen right now” in a very calm voice.

They were brought to me after what seemed like hours, and I finally got to meet them for a couple of minutes before they were taken away for more tests. It was later explained what was going on with my little boy, who weighed a little over five pounds, as they were both snuggling on me and I was in recovery. My little fighter never actually went to the NICU, but was monitored for 24 hours by neonatal nurses to make sure that he could breathe correctly alone, and that his blood levels were back to normal.

I never got to say thank you

I will never ever be able to forget my twins neonatal nurses, and luckily I will have pictures of them to cherish for the rest of my life. They are angels and have the toughest job, yet they do it day to day with smiles and warmth and so much support. They are true angels  and this month, I think of you and will every year on that day, and I know that so many other moms do too. There will never truly be words strong enough to thank you for taking care of my little boy when I couldn’t.


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