Where’d You Go to School, Mom?

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written by Sarah McDonald, Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Where’d You Go to School, Mom?

We all know that in New Orleans, the answer to “Where’d you go to school?” is meant to be answered with your high school alma mater.

Following in My Footsteps

I never gave much thought to the impact that question has in our little world until my daughter asked me the question. And, upon hearing my answer, she said, “Then I am going there, too!” Five years old and one major life decision made! Check, right?

Friendly Rivalries

While I know I would love to see my girls grow up loyal to Green and White at Archbishop Chapelle High School, and my boys roll with the Rummel Raiders (my husband’s alma mater), it struck me as perhaps a bit unfair to our children that we set them up in friendly rivalries with their friends and neighbors with parents who went to different schools at such an early age.

So Many Amazing Options

Catholic education is such a gift, and, in New Orleans, we are so blessed to have extraordinary schools that are available to everyone. The success of our schools can be measured by the success of our students. Our schools prepare students for college and life beyond the classroom. Catholic schools have the highest graduation rate of any type of school system and have more students attend four-year college than any other type of school. Our high schools consistently have a higher average ACT score than the state of Louisiana’s average score, while they also received over $200 million in college scholarships last year. In addition to their academic excellence, our students performed over 400,000 hours of community service and continue to strengthen their relationship with Christ through school-wide masses, grade-level retreats, and daily prayer. When parents choose a Catholic education for their child, they choose an education concentrated on Gospel values and academic excellence.

Signs Point To…

Right now, our neighborhood is full of area high school signs. When the time comes, I hope that my children are open to finding out more about their options while secretly wishing they follow in mom and dad’s footsteps.

God Will Provide

My daughters would be third-generation Chipmunks, and I would love to share that with them. But, more importantly I want them to be happy and find the place that will help them grow into the woman God is calling each of them to be. As long as they always remember no matter where they go, Deus Providebit (God will Provide).


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