Help Families Struggling with Hunger {Join Feeding America this Hunger Action Month}

Cary and Nick

Cary and NickWhen Cary and Nick first got married 14 years ago, they were both employed full time, and Cary was working hard to complete her undergraduate degree. After a year, they had their first child who was quickly followed by a second. Between paying for food, rent, tuition and daycare, Cary and Nick just couldn’t making ends meet. Despite the fact that they each worked – and worked hard – they did not have the resources to consistently buy their children the nutritious, healthy food they needed to grow strong.

Nick and Cary are not alone. They are among the more than 49 million Americans who struggle with hunger, including 16 million children. This issue touches every county in the United States. Many turn to the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks for support. This September, Feeding America is hoping to raise awareness to the 1 in 6 people who may not know where they will find their next meal by kicking of Hunger Action Month.

Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month is the month-long effort to engage the nation in the fight to end hunger. And Feeding America is asking everyone who wants to help the millions of families, children and seniors who face hunger to join us!Hunger

There are many simple ways to show your support for your local food bank and community members struggling with hunger in your community.

  • Spread the word. Hunger Action Month is about raising awareness of this important issue, and we need support from everyone. Please share this vital information with your friends, family, co-workers and everyone. You can learn about the issue of hunger in your community here.
  • Volunteer. Join the thousands of volunteers expected to participate in local food bank activities throughout the United States this month. Learn more about your local Feeding America food bank and how you can get involved in the fight to end hunger. Consider sharing your experience or volunteer story.
  • Follow the movement. Join the conversation on social media as Feeding America, our 200 local food bank members and other leaders in hunger-relief bring attention to this crisis. This will be the place for you to find out the many ways they can engage in Hunger Action Month and learn more about this struggle so many Americans are facing. Find us at #HungerActionMonth on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick and Cary may not be in your neighborhood, but it’s a guarantee that everyone has a neighbor, family member, friend, church member or co-worker who has had to make the difficult choices that those who face hunger make on a regular basis – a balanced dinner or the utility bill.

Join Feeding America in Hunger Action Month this September and be a part of the hope that one day no one will have to make that choice.

About Brittany Banks

Banks_corporate_headshot_2013Brittany Banks is a communications manager at Feeding America and lives in Chicago, Il.


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