May Day! Mom SOS! :: The Insanity That is the Month of May

The Insanity that is the Month of May.

1. Birthdays: Seriously! Is EVERYONE’s Birthday in May? One of my children, my niece and 6 of my close friends have birthdays in May. I just can’t take another birthday. I mean, I love celebrating you all, but not all at once!

2. Graduations: Kindergarten, High School, College, you name it – they are graduating from it. Keep those fingers crossed that listening to all of those speeches will be worth the cute photos you get in the end.

3. Moving Up Ceremonies: Cub Scouts, Daisy’s, Chess Club, Pre-School. Every weekend we’re attending something because someone is moving up. At least we don’t have to sell anything in May…

4. Recitals/Parades/Assemblies: All of the end-of-year stuff happens in May. Dance Team – break out the camera. Egypt day? What even is that?!?  I love to hear my kids sing in French, just not in May. Any. Other. Month.

5. School/Camp Gap: You know, that two week gap between when school ends and summer camp begins. Enough said.

6. IEP Writing Season: Kid have an IEP? Are you a teacher? Here’s a snorkel.

7. School Placement: If you haven’t heard back from OneApp Round 1, you tried again on Round 2 and are emailing every admissions rep in the city.

8. Tax Day.

9. Tuition is Due: Tears here. Solidarity.

10. Teacher Appreciation: Our teachers and staff are the BEST. I want to shower them with love and gifts which require me to oversee crafts and purchase items every single day for a week. Just not in May.

11. Mid-Year Budget: Twice a year for a month my job becomes physically and emotionally exhausting. Guess what?!?! One of those months is May. Of course it is.

12. Memorial Day Weekend: We’re too exhausted to travel by now. May ruined us. Sorry family. We’ll BBQ with you in a few weeks.

Are you calling May Day for the insanity that is the month of May?  Share your reasons with the hashtag #becauseMay here!



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