Big Easy Con Jr :: What to Know Before You Go

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Big Easy Con and written by NOM Contributor Tara Rosenkranz through her own experience.

Big Easy Con Jr :: What to Know Before You Go

I’ve been going to conventions also known as “Cons” since I discovered them while I was in college. I go to Cons for Movies, Anime, Superheroes and Table Top Gaming. Since having children, my con experiences have changed dramatically. What used to be hours upon hours gaming and watching panels, turned into family CosPlay and character meet and greet. When I discovered a totally new Con starting this year called Big Easy Con, I was excited to research and find out what it would be all about. And boy, am I excited to share with you what I found!

Introduction to Big Easy Con

Big Easy Con is an all-new pop culture convention celebrating the unique spirit that makes New Orleans one of the best cities in the world! Meet top entertainers like Anthony Mackie, Zachary Levi, WWE® Superstars The New Day®, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Enjoy hours of geeky programming, shop’ til you drop with their awesome vendors and artists, and bring the kids along for fun and live entertainment at Big Easy Jr!

Big Easy Con Jr

There are enough fun events in the Big Easy Con Jr area to keep your family busy ALL WEEKEND LONG. Between the hours of once-in-a-lifetime Meet and Greets and almost unbelievable number of activities at the Big Easy Jr Stage and Workshop your family will have days filled with adventure, learning and entertainment. But what do you need to know to make sure you have the best possible weekend?

Go With a Plan

In order to get the most out of my Con weekends, I always go in with a plan. Visit the website and figure out what you and your family are interested in. Check out the schedules and decide what you have to do/see and schedule everything else around those things. For example, I know that without a doubt, we’ll have to attend Ghostbuster Training at 5pm on Friday, followed by Make Your Own EctoPlasm and then head over to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming at 7pm. Saturday, we’ll start the day with a DreamWorks screening, hit up Spidey and Team and then head over to the Makers Market for some shopping and to meet Anthony Mackie. We know we’ll need to be back to meet Belle and Beast at 5pm. Sunday we want to be there by noon for the Costume Parade, attend How to Be Spidey, then get crafty with PaintJam and we certainly can’t forget to meet Snow White at 3pm. We’ll wrap up the day by meeting our favorite stars such as Dan Folger and Weird Al (think he’ll sing us the Story Bots theme)?

CosPlay All Day!

CosPlay isn’t simply dress-up. It’s about becoming a character, living a persona for a day and exhibiting the CosPlayer’s unique style; their take on the character they’re inhabiting. Use this opportunity to dress up as a family. Let your kids wear what they want. Spend the days leading up to the Big Easy Con playing with ideas. Let your weirdness fly! Practice your outfit for Mardi Gras. There’s no judgment at a Con. It’s an opportunity to be whoever you want to be and the people-watching is fantastic!

How to Get Tickets

Visit the website today to grab your tickets while advanced pricing is still in effect! We always buy the 3-day pass because once you go once, you’re bound to want to come back. Kids tickets are available at a low cost of $7.50 for kids 3-10 and all children over 2 will need a ticket to enter. Single-day adult passes are $30-40 or $60 for a 3-day pass. You can also get premium 3-day passes for only $99.

What will you do first? See you there!


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