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Screenshot 2014-05-07 14.53.10I’ve been blogging for a long time. My first post was back in July 2001. I didn’t even use blogging software, I just had an HTML page that I updated when I wanted to write a new post. Heck, WordPress didn’t even exist in 2001! Little did I know that thirteen years later, I’d still be going strong, not only writing posts for my own blog, but also for this one, and even working for the biggest blogging platform out there! So now not only do I blog for fun, but I help bloggers all day long and get paid for it. Pretty sweet.

But what is it about blogging that keeps me going? My life is unrecognizable from what it was back in 2001. I started my blog because I was an out of shape smoker who was starting to train for my first marathon. I thought writing everything down would keep me motivated. I guess it worked, because I ran that marathon the following spring in London. And while I was there, I met up with another group of running bloggers. Even then, blogging was a way to find a community.

SAMSUNG CSCMy blog changed with my life. From running to weight loss (you’d think that would be in the other order) to wedding planning and then pregnancy. And of course, for the last six years, it’s largely been about my boys.

When I got pregnant and found out we were having triplets, I suddenly was thrust into a whole new world of Mommy Bloggers, and especially Triplet Mommy Bloggers. Yes, the Mommy Wars were started in the blogging trenches,  but the flipside of that was the fantastic community that I found myself welcomed into. I still wonder how all of these triplet moms find the time to blog, but they do. I guess, like me, they treat their blogs like baby books. Ain’t nobody got time for baby books when you have three screaming infants.

I was thrilled to be asked to join this blog a year and a half ago, and I love being exposed to different ideas and traditions, even if I don’t always agree with them.

Why do you blog? And share your blog in the comments!



Pam Kocke
My name is Pam, and I live in Algiers Point with my husband George and my identical triplets Linus, Oliver, and Miles. I work from home as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I enjoy reading and photography and sewing (and blogging!)


  1. I blog because finding a great deal is something that excites me. Finding ways to allow my children to experience things that I could not afford in the mainstream way of…”just forking over $80″ for the 4 of us to enjoy MOST attractions these days. So, finding ways to do these coveted activities a bit cheaper, and sharing those ways with other struggling moms makes me feel like I have a purpose. (The fact that I may make a few bucks doesn’t hurt my feelings either.)


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