Pam Kocke

My name is Pam, and I live in Algiers Point with my husband George and my identical triplets Linus, Oliver, and Miles. I work from home as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I enjoy reading and photography and sewing (and blogging!)
A sea of purple and gold at the LSU Football Game

Observations From My First LSU Game

Observations From My First LSU Game I graduated from LSU at the end of the last century after six years, and even though my journey to getting my bachelors degree was longer than it should...

First Year of High School, Check!

Back at the beginning of the school year, I wrote a post about my kids entering high school. Now that the year is up, I thought I might reflect a bit on the past...

On Being A Parent of Teens

Parenting is a series of highs and lows. First few months, great! All you have to do is feed the little grubs and put them down to sleep, no worries that you’re ruining them...

What to Buy for the 15 Year Old on Your List

What to Buy for the 15 Year Old on Your List As kids get older, it gets harder to shop for them. What do you buy when they give you a blank look when you...

What to Expect When Your Kid Starts High School

My sons recently started high school. Not only that, they left the school they had been at for 11 years (they could have stayed) so for only the second time, they were starting at...

So, It’s Time for Your First Colonoscopy!

Here I am, being a responsible human being, going to see my primary care doctor for an annual check up. What do I get for my good deed, but the news that “now colonoscopies...

Heartstopper :: A Must Read (or Watch) With Your Teens!

A few years ago, as I was idly trawling the Internet, I came across a webcomic called Heartstopper. I was immediately enthralled with the story, and every now and again, when I remembered, I...

Hello, High School, Hello, Change!

When we enrolled our kids in a brand-new school 11 years ago, we assumed we’d be there until the end. The school was meant to go all the way through high school, which was...

Your Next Kitchen Gadget :: Why You Need a Sous Vide Cooker

I never thought I'd say this about my husband, a man who used to whip up such concoctions as "tuna chili" before we met, but he's really good at buying me new cooking tools....

My Kids Were Guinea Pigs {Our Experience with the COVID Vaccine Trials}

Editor's Note: This post is written by a local mom sharing her thoughts on what she and her husband decided would be best for their family. We recognize that your thoughts may look different...

Seven Reasons I Love My Peloton

It was the end of March 2020 and I knew things weren't going to be changing anytime soon. I definitely wouldn't be going back to my gym, and I knew if I didn't do...

Blackbox Meats :: The Secret to Restaurant Quality Steak at Home

Disclosure :: Blackbox Meats sponsored this post, but we were lucky enough to receive actual product as part of this relationship and therefore can attest personally as to how mouth-watering, delicious and efficient this...

Mardi Gras Kid Problems :: COVID Edition

No parades this year have us all a bit sad, but it's even harder for the kids. Their Mardi Gras problems in the past have nothing on this year... ...

My Life Via Netflix

The other day, while I was poking around the account settings of my Netflix account to update my payment information, I came across an interesting link. Download your personal information  “The download will include a copy...