Motherhood, But First Coffee

It’s Tuesday morning. Of course, it is before my alarm goes off, but I hear the kids start moving. I jump out of bed in an effort to throw myself together before they make it downstairs. Teeth brushed, face washed, and I throw on a knit dress and TOMS because I don’t want to be the mom always in workout clothes and not at the gym. My hair is dirty and in a ponytail, and make up is pretty optional.


Make coffee.

By the time they make it downstairs, I am in the kitchen putting ice packs in lunch kits, whipping up breakfast that no one will eat and looking for the school shoes which are never where they are supposed to be. I can hear my phone digging as the work emails are starting to push through.

I get the kids dressed, while breaking up the normal “she is looking at me and I don’t want her to” fight. I juggle the backpacks, nap mat, class snack, lunch kits, purse and coffee (still haven’t had a sip) into the car.

After listening to the fight about who is getting dropped off first, I get everyone to school and head to work coffee in hand (yup, it’s still full).

I sit down at my computer and my Outlook reminders go off. There staring back at me is dress down day at school. CRAP!

I jump up from my desk and run to get clothes (while being very thankful I work from home). I grab my purse, coffee (still full), my keys and jump back in the car. I rush over to school. When I walk in the office holding clothes, the receptionist could see it on my face. She gave me a quick “solidarity sista” face and called my daughter down to the office.

When she arrived in the office, her face said it all. As the only kid in uniform, she was screaming my mom is mother of the year. I know, I am sorry. Mommy forgot. After changing her and sending her back to class to blend in, in her dress down day outfit, I didn’t feel as rotten about it.

Glance at the clock and it is not even 8:45 am. I say a quick prayer that today is going to go smoother.

Back in the car. Back to the computer. Maybe this time I can get past turning it on and to try and get as much work done until pick up time.

More balls, more juggling and it is only Tuesday. All I really want is a cup of coffee … which is now cold. Yes, this is only one day in the marathon of motherhood and tomorrow will be better. But first, coffee.


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