This Local Pediatric Sleep Consultant Will Change Your Life!

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Kristin Giefer. Kristin is a local mom and the owner of Kristin Giefer Pediatric Sleep Consulting.

This Local Pediatric Sleep Consultant Will Change Your Life!

What is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant And Why Might Someone Need One?A pediatric sleep consultant is a person who teaches you how to sleep train your child through advice, education, and support during the sleep training process. Typically (and preferably) this person has received training and certifications from an accredited organization such as the Family Sleep Institute. During their certifications, sleep consultants learn about a variety of science-based sleep topics, including:

  • How to establish healthy sleep habits
  • Sleep milestones, including stages and transitions
  • Safe sleep
  • How to work with breastfeeding mothers
  • Common sleep challenges and solutions
  • Child development
  • How to help twins with sleep challenges
  • How to work with families of children with special needs
  • Medical conditions that affect sleep
  • And more….

While the exact number of pediatric sleep consultants is unknown, The Family Sleep Institute has certified more than 500 pediatric sleep consultants since its founding in 2011, which proves this is a needed and valuable service!

What You Should Know About Kristin Giefer Pediatric Sleep Consulting…

Sleep has always been a huge priority for me, even before I had my daughter, Emma, in 2015. Throughout my pregnancy, I heard horror stories from well-meaning parents who told me a good night’s rest would soon be a thing of the past. “Better sleep now while you can!” they’d joke. Little did they know this would soon become a huge source of anxiety for me.

In an effort to save my future self from endless months of sleep deprivation, I read literally every baby sleep book available to me. I learned about routines, sleep training methods, and common challenges. And what do you know? It worked! I set my daughter up for success, and she was a fantastic sleeper. Does that mean we didn’t face our share of challenges? Of course not! But those tools made overcoming those challenges a lot easier.
The best part? Once we had a predictable routine, I was able to enjoy my daughter’s infancy.

Needless to say, I believe sleep is just as important for parents as it is for their baby. My heart breaks for moms who tell me they don’t enjoy motherhood or feel depressed because they’re both mentally and physically exhausted. That’s why I obtained my pediatric sleep consultant certification from QC Career School. I want to help families finally get the restorative sleep they not only need–but deserve.

What Makes Kristin Giefer Pediatric Sleep Consulting Different from Other Sleep Consultants?

Unlike many sleep coaches, I prioritize connection and work personally with families every step of the way. Not only do I create custom sleep plans, but I also offer Live Coaching. This means I’m 100 percent available–either virtually or in-person–to support you and your child on your sleep training journey. In other words, I don’t just hand you a sleep plan and leave. I work alongside you and your family to ensure you meet your goals.

I believe a well-rested family is a happier and healthier family. Mom, a good night’s rest is only a phone call away.

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