Goodbye Pregnancy, Hello Baby: 10 Things I Won’t Miss

Oh pregnancy! As women, we long to be pregnant when that biological clock is ticking. We excitedly pee on sticks, hoping that the stork will make an appearance in 9 months. But the reality is that pregnancy is a bumpy and, at times, long road. There are days when your sciatic nerve is rearing its ugly head, you can’t fit your feet in shoes, and since you can’t really bend over, your legs may or may not be completely shaved. As much as we long to be pregnant, we hit that wall of done. We are ready for this phase to be over and ready for the next one: motherhood.pregnant-193850_1280-2-FINAL

As much as that pregnancy test seems like a distant memory, the weeks and days before delivery can seem like a lifetime. I know, as I am impatiently counting down. I am so ready to welcome my little baby and say goodbye to the third trimester. The reward of snuggling that little baby makes the not so fun things totally worth it.

The things I won’t miss:

  1. The barrier that stands between me and sleeping on my stomach.
  2. The VERY limited wardrobe options in the closet and the accompaniment of feeling frumpy all the time.
  3. Looking at a menu and figuring out what foods I should and should not have according to the foods to avoid during pregnancy list.
  4. Hauling myself to the doctor on a weekly basis for her to say, “see you next week.”
  5. Having an ailment, and the only answer is….drink more water.
  6. The ability to walk more than a block without needing to use the bathroom or rubbing my back.
  7. Staring at the floor and thinking how far down that is, and how much energy it will take to pick up whatever it is you just dropped.
  8. Food aversions. Show me a scrambled egg, and I will either be sick or hurt you.
  9. Going to the bathroom more times in a day than a senior citizen.
  10. Being the DD. It is New Orleans after all!

But what I will miss are those magic little moments that only you and baby share when she kicks. And, the excitement in my older daughter as she anticipates the arrival of her sibling. Since my husband and I are on the fence about trying for another baby, the end of the pregnancy is bittersweet. This may be my last pregnancy, and I am wishing it away because I am ready for the reward. I know I should be savoring these last few days, but I am tired, hot and ready to roll!

I want to see her little face and meet the person who has been kicking me for the last few months. I want to see how similar and different she is from her sister. I want to learn her likes and dislikes. I want to see her interact with her daddy and her sister. I want to welcome her to our little family. I want her delivery date to come!

Now there is an entire other list of things that I am dreading for when baby comes with things like working off the baby weight, hair loss, and even less sleep. Ugh, at least I can have my wine back to cope with those things.

What things do you NOT miss about being pregnant?


  1. I had remembered pregnancy so fondly, but maybe that was just time and distance dulling memories 🙂 This pregnancy has kicked my butt. I’m with you, I LOVE some parts and am so over others. I will NOT miss having to haul my butt out of bed repeatedly to pee. I don’t even know what muscles those are that move you from a lying to a standing position, but mine SCREAM at me every time I have to force myself up.


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