Can Pregnancy Dreams Predict the Sex of Your Baby?

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Can Pregnancy Dreams Predict the Sex of Your Baby?

Many of you know that your dreams during pregnancy can get a little wacky. I forgot about this side effect of pregnancy until I became pregnant for the second time and starting having some really weird dreams – like “a giant spider turns into the kidnapper from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and tries to become my best friend” weird.

I know that hearing about other people’s dreams is not the most exciting thing. I, for one, have been known to sigh and roll my eyes when people ask me if I want to hear about their dreams from the night before. That said, you’ve got to hear about my dreams! I am convinced that my pregnancy dreams have predicted the sex of my babies.

First Pregnancy Dreams

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had very vivid dreams. And in every one of them the baby I was carrying was a boy.

Dream #1: We found out the baby was a boy during the ultrasound. He smiled at us and, surprisingly, had a full mouth of braces.

Dream #2: I bought a bunch of girl clothes before the baby was born. Cut to a year later, my husband is fussing at me for dressing our son in all of the girl clothes.

Dream #3: What we thought was a third leg was actually an abnormally large baby penis. The doctor marveled at its size.

The verdict? When my husband and I went for the anatomy scan, I felt in my heart of hearts that I was carrying a boy. Before the ultrasound tech even announced the sex, I said, “It’s a boy, right?” I honestly felt like my dreams were my subconscious telling me what to expect. My dreams were right. I delivered a little boy in 2013 and there’s lots of things to love about being a boy mom.

Second Pregnancy Dreaming

I am now in the third trimester with my second child. I didn’t dream about the sex of this baby until late into the first trimester.

Dream #1: I was at the hospital walking up and down the hall with my husband a day after giving birth. We were discussing names for the baby. They were all girl names. When we arrived at the nursery to look at our baby, we picked up a beautiful baby girl who smiled up at us with the most jacked up set of teeth we’d ever seen. Then we started wondering if there was such a thing as orthodontists for babies. (What is it with my “babies with braces” dreams???)

Dream #2: In my second dream, I was shopping with my daughter, who just happened to be Madeline from the children’s book series. 

So, did my dreams predict the sex of the baby the second time? Yes! A blood test and an ultrasound confirmed that we are expecting a baby girl this fall! 

Just Another Old Wives’ Tale?

Maybe this is just a bunch of hogwash. Maybe it is just a coincidence that my dreams were accurate. Or maybe the little babies growing inside of me were telling me something. All I know is that if I get pregnant a third time and my dreams once again predict the sex of the baby, I will be convinced that it is a scientific fact that your dream can predict whether you are having a boy or a girl. And you will not be able to persuade me otherwise.

What about you? Did your pregnancy dreams accurately predict the sex of your child?

Marie is the owner of Little Hometown, a company specializing in locally themed baby swaddles and apparel. Prior to opening her business, Marie was a professional event planner turned stay-at-home mom. She spent nearly a decade living in New York City, where she met her husband, Jeff (a New England native). Early in their relationship, Marie told Jeff that New Orleans is the only place where she would want to raise her children. As soon as she got pregnant, they started shopping for houses. They moved back in December of 2012, welcomed their son in 2013 and their daughter in 2015. Marie now spends her days entertaining her kids with silly songs, desperately attempting to stay organized, and balance her life as a work-at-home mom.


  1. I have been praying for a sign from God about my baby’s gender. I still don’t know the gender but I had my first pregnancy dream of a baby boy smiling and happy on my kitchen floor and I remember picking him up & sitting on the couch with him . My second dream was at my baby shower & I remember smiling as my aunts were telling me how excited they were about seeing & getting to meet their nephew . A few weeks later & I’m in the process of planning my baby shower & in my third dream I remember seeing nothing but blue balloon garlands. I feel it’s a boy , so does my mom & some friends around me feels it’s a boy . I hope it’s a boy but either way I’ll love my baby . I cannot wait to find out .

  2. I will find out the gender of my baby in 2weeks but I have had 3 dreams it’s a girl!

    Dream #1 we were on a play date and my daughter was about 7-8 years old.

    Dream #2 we were visiting family and my partner was holding our daughter, she was a newborn and the absolute cutest

    Dream #3 I had the gender reveal from hell and my friends were stuck at the airport, a massive storm was going on and an all humanity was basically running for their lives and I just kept saying what about my gender reveal 🤣 and finally I had enough and demanded to know the gender and there was pink paint everywhere and the words it’s a girl were written. I just said oh well I already knew that lol

  3. I keep having dreams that I think might be predicting the gender as well and I thought I was alone. Also my mom shows up in every one and she passed in September of 23

    First dream I gave birth at my parents house I grew up in and gave birth to a beautiful little girl with my mom by my side.

    Dream #2 I was at a local mall with that was much more extravagant than it actually is and I was meeting my mom there and was carrying a beautiful curly haired 1 year old little girl on my hip

    Dream #3 was last night. We were back at my parents house and my mom was making Easter dinner for the family and I was carrying around a newborn baby girl in a swaddle. I also noticed and Easter basket that was labeled for my moms dogs. One dog my dad still has and the other we had to put down before I even graduated high school. So 2 spirits were with me in that dream.

    The dreams are so vivid that I wake up feel like they were real. Absolutely insane.

  4. I had a dream I was having a boy, but in my dream I was devastated and didn’t want my baby anymore. I would never do this in real life, so it’s very disturbing. 🙁

  5. I had the same dream for years that i kept birthing a boy and now I’m pregnant with my first baby and it’s a boy always prayed ❤️😭


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