Baby’s First Haircut: How Do You Know When It’s Time?

How do you know when it’s time for your baby’s first haircut?

I should preface this post by stating that the “baby” I am referring to is my almost seventeen month old son who, according to my weekly BabyCenter emails, is a toddler. 

Allen Family 87.jpgltA few weeks back on a particularly humidity free day, my husband asked me when we were going to get Charles’ first haircut. I think I actually gasped when he asked this. I gasped even as I watched my son waddle around the yard with his mullet flowing gracefully in the wind. “He is not ready for a haircut, he’s just a baby,” I cried.

The truth is that I am not ready to cut his hair. I am not ready for him to look like a big boy. I am not ready for the beautiful curls that appear on a typically humid New Orleans day to stop bouncing with the same sweet energy that he does.

While nothing in life is certain, I am almost certain that he is our last baby. Rather unexpectedly, I have found myself hanging onto these last months of Feltman Bros. bubbles, chubby feet in little sandals, snuggles in the rocking chair, and the sight of his curls bouncing behind him.

For now, I have no plans to cut it. I only have plans of wishing for the hot humid days of summer to turn his mullet into his golden curly locks.

Were you sentimental about your child’s first haircut?


  1. I finally gave into cutting my son’s hair when I arrived at daycare and he looked like a mad scientist. He was about ten-months-old, but had been blessed with a head full of hair from the day he was born. He also had almost no curls to help keep it under control. But now that we are a couple of months into big boy haircuts, I’m enjoying the toddler bowl cut phase of life.

  2. I totally agree that it is generally the parents who are more concerned about the first haircut than the kids. My son is almost two, and we have never cut his hair. It is getting too long, but the sentimentality attached to it makes it hard for us to take him in! We will have to bite the bullet soon and have it cut.


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