The Baby Essentials I Couldn’t Live Without

When I was pregnant with Jane, I found registering as exciting as it was overwhelming. I ran around Babies R Us with that ray-gun and zapped every item I had heard my mom friends mention at our moms nights out. A wipe warmer, heck yes! You never know when that tush might need a little extra pampering.

Here’s the truth. We didn’t receive a wipe warmer, and we decided to wait until we thought we needed one before we would buy one. That day never came. It was just not something that was essential for our family. We remembered that lesson when preparing for the birth of our second child and only took down from storage or bought the items we had deemed the baby essentials we couldn’t live without…

The Baby Essentials We Couldn’t Live Without

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  1. Pottery Barn Kids Canvas Caddy Storage: We use this diaper caddy every day. Each morning, it comes downstairs with me stocked with all of the things Charles needs (diapers, wipes, burp cloth, bib, diaper cream) for the day, and it goes back up stocked with everything he’ll need for during the night. It helps keep us organized and, as a result, me sane.
  2. Tommy-Tippie Closer to Nature Feeding Bibs: Jane was an extreme drooler and Charles is a world class dribbler, and the only solution for that are these bibs! They have this amazing cushion at the neck that absorbs so much more than a regular bib.
  3. Cloud B On-The-Go Travel Sized Sleep Sheep: I don’t think our three year old could get to sleep without her “whale songs,” and Charles seems to prefer the ocean sounds. Whatever their preference, our family has found peaceful sleep with this cute and cuddly sheep. I like the smaller version because we can easily take it with us when we travel down the street to our neighbors or across the county.
  4. Pampers Swaddlers: We have had the best luck with these diapers. I love that the newborn ones can be folded down so that it doesn’t disturb their belly button. I also appreciate that it has the “pee pee identifier” that turns blue when the diaper is wet. It takes all of the guessing out of it!
  5. Mustella Newborn Set: We talked to several mom friends about their most beloved bath products and more often that not, they said they choose Mustella. They are free of parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, triclosan. They are gentle on baby’s skin and smell glorious.
  6. The Miracle Blanket: Both of our children have enjoyed being swaddled, and after sampling several options, this has become our go-to. It keeps their arms by their sides while allowing you to pull their feet out of the swaddle for middle of the night diaper changes. Jane would scream her head off every night starting at 7:00, and the only thing that would settle her down would be to get tucked soundly in her miracle blanket.
  7. Puj Tub: The puj tub fits perfectly in our kitchen sink and lays flat to hang on the back of our bathroom door. It is a great solution for anyone whose house doesn’t have a ton of space for extra gadgets. It is also very helpful if you are recovering from a c-section. You are able to wash your baby without adding pressure to your abdomen as you would if you were resting on your bathroom tub.
  8. Aquaphor: I think we have a tub of aquaphor in every room in our house. We use it for Jane’s occasional diaper rash and for Charles’ cradle cap. I also love it for chapped lips and the dry hands that result from washing bottles.
  9. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing: Both Charles and Jane have loved this swing. While it takes up a good bit of our living room, it is worth it knowing that they can nap peacefully each day. It keeps the baby elevated so that nosy siblings (the two legged and four legged kind) can peak at baby safely.
  10. Mammababy app: After Charles’ first feeding in the hospital, I knew there had to be a better way to track their timing and quantity. I did a little research and found some positive reviews of this app. It has been such a lifesaver. We track all of Charles’ feedings and his physical growth. We can review the log daily or monthly and compare it against averages to make sure it seems reasonable. Mark also has the app on his phone and can sync the feedings he does with my phone so that we are both up to date on what has gone on in the world of Charles. I HIGHLY recommend this!

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What is the baby essential you couldn’t live without?


  1. I love the whole idea behind this post!! Babies don’t really need that much, contrary to all the products available. I think the concept extends to leaving the house too! For the first I carried around an overflowing diaper bag. Now I rarely carry any bag unless the van (with diapers, wipes, extra clothes) is not going to be accessible. I’ll put a teething ring or something small in a pocket, strap her on and we are good to go. Traveling too….. used to think I needed so many things. I remember with the first going on a cruise when she was 18 months and I was concerned about not having a bathtub. I bought an inflatable tub. We inflated it once, at home. I learned 18 month olds can shower, and little ones can be held in the tub…. Thank goodness I figured out I don’t need all the “stuff” because we like to travel and with four kids I don’t have the time or space for it all!


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