10 Reasons I’m Grateful to be a New Orleans Mom {from the archives}

I firmly believe that New Orleans is not where I am from; it is who I am. It is more than just a place; it is a state of mind, an emotion. It is a sight, a sound, a feel, a smell, a taste – a sensory overload. It is home, and, indeed, it is where my heart is. Raising our baby Jane here has renewed these feelings for me as I begin to experience life in New Orleans all over again through her eyes. In my opinion, there is no more special a place to be a child than in the wonderland that is New Orleans. And to have the privilege of being a mother to such a child makes me eternally grateful.

Take the full trip down memory lane with us…






  1. This made me cry. I love NOLA with all my heart. When Katrina hit and we were in Houston and I literally had to PULL my husband off of a man who said “bulldoze it- its useless why rebuild that place, it will just flood again.” I wish I would have had this post to show him. These are all the reasons NOLA is like a different country, a magical land….if gets into you and never goes away…thanks for making me love my home even more 🙂


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