The Maternity Staples Every Expectant Mom Needs

By my own admittance, I am a shopaholic. There is just something about the ding of a cash register that makes me squeal with glee. But, when it comes to dressing my pregnant self, I am slightly lost. I want to keep my own sense of style, but I always feel limited by the selection of maternity wear available.

During my first pregnancy, it took me a shopping trip or two to realize I was better off with fewer items than more if it meant the items I added to my wardrobe were classic pieces that I would wear had I been pregnant or not. So I’ve come up with a few style staples that I have found make me feel stylish no matter my size.


  1. A Simple Blazer :: I have one in black and navy! While neither are maternity pieces (I acquired both from Zara in NYC for a great price), they work throughout the duration of pregnancy because I wear them open. I love a blazer because I can wear it to work over a skirt and a nice top and, alternatively, wear it to dinner or an event paired with a simple tee, statement necklace and great pair of jeans.
  2. Maternity Denim :: I believe in investing in denim. Pregnant or not, I want a good and well-fitting pair of jeans in my closet at all times. They are my when-not-at-work “go to” piece. I love a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings because I find them the most versatile. I can throw on a pair of jeggings and a tunic with flats or sandals and take Jane to the park or wear them with a great pair of pumps and dress them up for an evening out. Now, I will say that high end denim does not come cheap, but I found an amazing pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jeans at Destination Maternity at half off!  So, you may have to stalk the sale rack, but you can get them at a steal if you’re patient. Right now they are not only on sale, but if you buy any red line item, you get one free!!!
  3. A Basic Materni-tee :: I have fallen in love with Pea in the Pod’s Ruched Maternity T Shirt Collection. They are simple, but you will not find a softer t-shirt ever again and the quality is so high that you can wear them to work without feeling like you should be heading to the gym. Being someone who when not pregnant has a permanent muffin top, I always steer away from body clinging tees, but when my baby bump fills in, I find that I am able to wear things that normally aren’t as flattering on me. So for the next 24 weeks, you’ll see me sporting some body-con pieces like these. And right now, they are also BOGO!!
  4. Little Black Dress :: Who doesn’t have a need for a LBD? With all of my maternity wear, I want the pieces to serve as many purposes as possible since their life span in my closet is limited. I found a great black crepe dress from Ann Taylor Loft Maternity that should last me through November and can go from day to night. The crepe fabric dresses it up a bit from the start, so I can wear this to work with a patterned cardigan but could also wear it to brunch paired with a denim jacket. The best part of shopping Loft’s maternity section is that the quality is amazing, the pieces are stylish, and they do a 40% off sale just about every other week.
  5. Wedges :: I am five six and a half, but in my soul, I am 5’10”, so wearing flats everyday during pregnancy just doesn’t feel natural to me. On the other hand, the thought of being 30 weeks pregnant and balancing on stilettos makes me exhausted. What’s the perfect compromise? Wedges! From espadrilles to patent leather sling back,s the choices are endless. I love these REPORT Signature Wedge Sandals from Nordstrom (I also love their great return policy!). And, for work, these Banana Republic Maisie Wedges in Nude are perfect to wear with black and navy ensembles.
  6. Statement Necklace :: If, like me, you have decided to invest in simple staples, you may end up feeling bored with your choices. The best way to add some spice to your basics is through your accessories, and my favorite of those is a statement necklace. This is where I say “the more, the merrier!” If I could fill my closet with costume jewelry, I would. With the help of the local boutique Trendz, you can do that without breaking the bank. There are so many choices I have fallen in love with, and with them all under $25, the sky is the limit. I have the Geneva Ivory Bib necklace and can say that I have worn it with a tee and jeans and with a suit. My next buy is going to be the Turquoise Splendor necklace!
  7. Infinity Scarf :: I’ll stick with my love for accessories on this one. I opt for infinity scarves because, to be honest, I am a bit of a disaster when it comes to styling scarves. I know it’s summer in New Orleans, but if you visited my office, you’d think it was January. So, I love to have a simple top on and add some style with a great scarf. The navy and white stripe infinity scarf from Trendz (at $12) would look amazing with a white ruched tee and a navy skirt.

Alright moms and moms-to-be … tell us: what was your maternity style staple?


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