Welcome to the World My Darling Baby…



Mark, Jane, and I warmly introduce you to the newest member of our family and the New Orleans Moms Blog family. Charles arrived on November 11th weighing in at a healthy 8lb 10oz and measuring 22 inches long.

My heart has never been so full of love. The moment I laid eyes on this beautiful baby boy, I felt a fullness in my soul that I had only ever once felt before on the night that Jane was born. I felt a flood of love flow into me, and it washed away any fears or concerns or anxieties I had about growing our family. As it poured over me, I found myself so genuinely grateful for this chance to be witness to a new life entering our world.

1384050_10152903793984427_5656361626008797970_nAnd as I looked into the eyes of my newborn son, I hoped that he would know just how special he is, and that he was the answer to our prayers for a sibling for Jane. I wished for him a life filled with laughter and joy and happiness. But most of all, I prayed that he would know, always know, that in our family, unconditional love means forever and through anything and despite of everything.

Before he went to sleep last night and while Jane was still visiting, we read my very favorite book of all time “On the Night You Were Born.” And with Jane on my right and Charles on my left and Mark at my feet, I found tears of joy welling in my eyes as I read aloud the final verse of the book:

“Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born.”

Surrounded by my children and my husband, I knew that the only thing sweeter than the harmonious sounds of Heaven’s horns was the overwhelming feeling of love and joy a mother has on the night her family of three becomes a family of four.


  1. Wow, what a small world! You’re my doctor’s wife! I actually met him on the day I had my son since he was the on call doctor… It was rough. I wasn’t progressing past 8cm so had to get a c-section as well! I’m glad he ended up being the doctor because he was excellent and had great bedside manners and made me feel very comfortable. At my last visit, he told me that his wife would be having a cesarean section in two weeks, and that he was anticipating it and nervous. I’m so glad you are well! Xoxo


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