Find Love, Support, and Family in the New Orleans Mom Special Needs Group

Find Love, Support, and Family in the New Orleans Mom Special Needs Group

After spending years stalking New Orleans Mom, then eventually joining as a contributor, I found myself spending more and more time in the Neighborhood Groups. One in particular helped drive the way my household ran, the physicians we interacted with, how I advocated for my children; New Orleans Mom Special Needs. This group has been an integral part of my ability to handle my large family, abundant with special needs.

Recently, one of my children had an altercation with a bully. I was lost, devastated and felt as if my hands were tied with how to help him. I tried every avenue I could think of from school administration, his counselor and pediatrician and other moms I knew. I was disconnected and my son was hurting. I didn’t know how to help him and how to proceed with accountability for those involved. I remembered seeing a situation in the New Orleans Mom Special Needs group from an advocate with a local community group.

I reached out in the Facebook Group and received a quick response. The advocates not only helped me manage every single aspect of the situation, they walked me through my options, the law, codes and policies and even followed up with me regularly – often when I was feeling most overwhelmed. The parents, community partners and sense of family in New Orleans Mom Special Needs group carried me through this difficult situation and I truly believed they saved my son.

There have been moments over the years that I’ve reached out to ask about IEP’s, schools, doctors, processes, development – you name it. I once saw a post from mom on vacation in New Orleans looking for a feeding tube part for her son, which was met with overwhelming response from local moms ready to help. The group is an amazing community for parents of kids with special needs.

Our children are each unique individuals, whether or not they have special needs but there is something to be said for the empathy and familiarity of a group of people ready to tackle life with you when “you don’t know what you don’t know.” New Orleans Mom Special Needs is that place for me.

Join the New Orleans Mom Special Needs Community Group HERE.


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