What Does It Mean To Be A Super Mom?

What Does It Mean To Be A Super Mom?

A Super Mom will always want the best for her kids and always try to provide them with the very best. This includes making sure to instill in them manners and values and provide them with a healthy environment to grow up.

Your past has shaped you and made you stronger than you used to be, and you are growing every day to be the best version of yourself. When you become a mother, you have the most important job in this life, raising a little human being that is unique and special. One who will wrap you around his little hands with unconditional love. You carry this love in your heart from the first day that you discover you are pregnant, to looking at your belly grow, to wondering “What they will look like? Who will you be? When will you arrive? How will my labor go?” No matter if you are a new mom or a mother of many, you will feel that intense, unexplainable, magical feeling during your pregnancy.

Being a mother is filling up with emotions, doubts, and fears during our pregnancy. Thinking about how we will take care of this little person who will depend completely on us. Wondering whether I will have a safe full-term pregnancy or a sad miscarriage. Will I be a preemie mom? Am I ready to be a mom?

We have so many fears and the biggest one is when we ask ourselves the long-awaited question: “Can I be a good mother?”

We have all gone through that! During the miracle of giving birth, we prove to ourselves that we are strong and capable Super Moms. It is a difficult stage during our life as Super Moms; it’s a painful and hard moment, even if a natural part of the process of giving birth. At the same time, we forget that pain and it fills us with happiness to see those perfect eyes looking back into your eyes for the first time. It is an indescribable love that melts your heart: the special moment finally arrives after dreaming about for 9 months. Now you are face to face with your cherished newborn and ready to be a Super Mom who gives all your love and cuddles.

After the delivery of our baby, we live through other difficult parts of being Super Moms. During the postpartum recovery (which no one has explained to you as it really is it seems), everything has changed in your body due to the stressful physical changes that happen throughout pregnancy. The weeks to months after your baby is born you will have a lot of changes in your body and your mind, new emotions and hormones are on a roller coaster ride but during this time always remember that you are doing your best and are worthy. You are a SUPER MOM!

During your postpartum recovery, you may present sore nipples from breastfeeding even if you are doing the proper technique. Sometimes you feel that your body betrayed you when you cannot breastfeed your baby. You feel tired. There is so much sleeplessness and long nights awake. You may present baby blues after delivery due to the amount of the hormones; estrogen and progesterone suddenly decreases, causing anxiety, and mood swings. You start crying without knowing why and sometimes you may question yourself. Am I doing a good job as a mom? Do I have postpartum depression? A topic that unfortunately is hardly to talk about it, but we should normalize it more and talk about it freely.

Being a Super Mom is our goal but we will not always be able to be perfect! We have to let ourselves be open to receiving help if someone offers it. We shouldn’t carry everything were feeling inside, or say “only I can do it.” In other situations maybe you do not have help because you are a strong, single mother or because you are in another city or country without having your family around. Always remember being a Super Mom doesn’t mean that we always have to be perfect, it means that you are doing the best that you can each day. You are learning and growing with your kids because the woman that you used to be is gone –  now you are a Super Mom.

“God gave us the gift of being a Super Mom.”

About Margarita Amaya Torres

Margarita Amaya Torres is Gabriel’s Mom, she’s from Honduras and is an international medical graduate also she is a Lions club member in Honduras since 2015. She moved to New Orleans in 2020 and has been married to her college sweetheart Jerson since 2019, they have 2 fur babies Lucky and Bella who loves being around with their brother Gabriel. She loves living in NOLA for the culture, people, and the amazing food.


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