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Netflix's How to Build a Sex room

It is a Friday night after a long week of work, which seems to be more busy than usual for me, I grabbed the remote for a little R&R. Netflix is usually my first place to browse for new movies or shows. Scrolling and scrolling and I see the title “How to Build a Sex Room.” Umm what? Curiosity gets the best of me, and I click it and begin episode 1.

Melanie Rose is an interior designer who specializes in Sex Rooms. She was called the Mary Poppins of Sex Rooms in that first episode, and the title is very fitting. She is quirky, fun, and did not judge one person at all with their requests in each remodel. The couples varied from very experienced, with their rooms having sex swings, St. Andrew’s Crosses with floggers, and toys ranging from butt plugs to vibrators, over to the more vanilla in nature with feathers and sensory play. They had a gay couple that had penis décor everywhere (adds to cart), a lesbian couple living in a van that she completely recreated into a sexual domain, a polyamorous family that wanted a bed big enough for seven as well as a shower for easy cleaning up, and a single woman who is trying to learn about herself after divorce. I really related to her, as her story was very similar to mine. Oh, and don’t forget about the couple living on acres of farmland, she built them a sex shed, it had a case for electric play and a bed that holds a lot of weight for … activities. The contractor she hires to complete all of these remodels had me rolling laughing, including swinging on a newly installed stripper pole. They had great chemistry and made the show even more fun.

While I am no relationship / sex expert by any means, I feel this show is something a lot of couples should watch together. BLASPHEMY! OMG, you are talking about the S-E-X word! Yeah, I am. Sex is not something that should be hush hush or not discussed. It has definitely become more mainstream; this show proves it.

Pleasure is very important in every relationship, but for a lot of us as moms, it is not a priority. If I learned anything from being married young and being completely ignorant to all things sex, it is that my needs are just as important as my partner’s. Going from a vanilla marriage to my current relationship which is the complete opposite of that, I had no idea what was out there. Now, you don’t have to jump right in with using a flogger or being tied up, a lot of what she shows is how everyone receives pleasure differently. Opening your mind to new things, whether to the extreme or not, brings you closer to your partner.

This show provided a space for couples to be present and with each other, which is something not a lot of couples have. Separating their daily lives from being adults with work obligations and parents of children who need their attention constantly. Showing the world that being sexual and having desires is not something to judge people for, but more to help open your mind to what you may be missing out on. Trust me on that one.

What kind of sex room would you want to be designed for you? Are you more of a sex dungeon type of person or more of a sensual sex room person?

Jeanne DeLasalle
Jeanne is a single mom to a wonderful son who loves nothing more than her family, friends, and her Saints. Born and raised in New Orleans, she enjoys everything this city has to offer. In her spare time you can catch her napping or binge watching movies on her couch. On Sunday's in the fall, she is in the Superdome and goes into a state of depression when football season is over.


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