What We Can Learn About the Rise in Popularity of the Stanley Cup

Pictured above is my husband’s coffee thermos for hunting and my customized pink #StanleyCup with my company’s brand. Might as well jump on the branding bandwagon!

A 100+ year-old-brand #StanleyCup makes a resurgence after a few key influencers spark interest in the revised Quencher cup. Once marketed heavily to the rugged male audience, Stanley adjusted their products slightly with brightly-colored products and tactically marketing women-to-women.

The century-old brand started with inventor William Stanley Jr.’s innovative vacuum insulation bottle built from steel, constructed in one portable bottle. This iconic brand that started off with thermos production became an essential element for workdays, camping trips, and road trips.

Three Things You Can Learn from Stan the Man

  1. As a major buying power, the 25-50 year-old woman holds the key target for any household purchasing. “Even if you are a men’s clothing line — no matter what you are — if you are not finding a way to speak to this 25-to-50-year-old female, you’re missing the mark because those are the buyers of our economy. They buy for their families, they buy for their husbands, they buy for their businesses,” Ashlee LaSueur, founder of www.thebuyguide.com said in the salon.com article.
  2. Aside from being presented alongside cute outfits, nicely-painted nails, and accompanying the Gen Z female crowd across TikTok and Instagram, the Stanley brand jumped quickly into creating an everyday item that promoted hydration and a healthy lifestyle. By using pastel colors, holiday-themed schemes, and working with social media influencers, they were able to alter their target audience.
  3. Stanley cup sizes vary and pricing ranges from $20 – $60, which makes it a great price point for gifts. With a rise in popularity before the 2023 holiday season, the Stanley cup of various sizes and colors became a great gift item for teens, teachers, friends, and employees!

Whether your think the cup-craze is ridiculous or revel in the adorable new color palettes, you can’t argue that increased water intake is a pretty good idea for all of us, no matter the age (or the cup!)

Rachel Harris Ledet
A New Orleans native and entrepreneur, Rachel is a mom of four with an active schedule. Rachel maintains a daily balance of running her own marketing firm, 30|90 Marketing, managing her kids’ schedules, and maintaining extracurriculars including coaching dance, volunteering, and occasionally teaching courses. Rachel lives in Mandeville with her best friend and husband Lenny, daughters Addison and Amelia, stepson Luke, and son Tucker. With a family of six and a million balls in the air, Rachel keeps things light by continuously learning, spending time with amazing friends, blogging, finding any route to a concert or outdoor festival, and planning her next getaway with her husband. A sense of humor can get you through almost anything, so she tends to surround herself with fabulous and very funny people.


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