Rising Costs :: How Is Everyone Affording Life Right Now?

Rising Costs :: How Is Everyone Affording Life Right Now?

How is everyone affording life right now? I keep seeing this question pop up in various Facebook groups and conversations. It feels like everything in life is insanely expensive nowadays. And one thing for sure is that salaries and wages are not keeping up with inflation and the rising costs of everything. From groceries to tuition, from extracurricular activities to vacations, and even insurance premiums, it seems like there’s no escape from the relentless climb in expenses.

Money is flying out the window these days.

I just want to share that you aren’t alone, it seems like most Moms are shaking their head at costs these days and everything feels like an uphill battle. Families are feeling the impact of all of these increases and its a juggling act of balancing priorities and necessities. 


What used to be a carefree routine run to the store now requires careful budgeting and meticulous meal planning. The prices of essentials continues to skyrocket and each week I’m questioning how much more is this budget expected to stretch? 

Tuition and Childcare

Another area that increases yearly. Finding your preferred childcare option or navigating paying for tuition adds another layer of stress that will continue for years and we know won’t decrease. 


The things that provide so much joy and enrichment for our kids can also come with a steep price tag. Whether its sports, hobbies, or lessons the cost of these activities can add quickly,  especially with multiple children. 


Once a cherished staple, vacations are becoming question marks after considering the rising cost of everything else. Even destinations that were once more affordable now have skyrocketing costs of travel, admissions, and accommodations. 


We can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is insurance. Whether it is health insurance, home insurance or car insurance the premiums are out of control.  Insurance costs have increased my mortgage by $500 a month.

Woman crying over bills



Will we ever catch a break? 

There aren’t any clear answers to this, but I do know it’s crucial to prioritize, critique your family’s spending and really identify what are needs and what are wants.

And don’t forget to take care of yourself and your mental health as well. Managing financial stress is hard for everyone and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Moms are the most resilient and resourceful people I know. Sending a hug and solidarity to all the moms out there navigating what feels impossible from day to day. 

Danielle Blanco
Danielle is a native New Orleanian. She graduated from Ben Franklin and attended the University of New Orleans' undergraduate and graduate schools. She and her husband Abraham married in 2017 and welcomed their son Blaise in 2019 and son Beckham in 2021. She balances motherhood with working full time as the Director of People and Culture in the local healthcare and education industries. She is learning to embrace the chaos of life as a Mom. Danielle’s current struggle is navigating preschool options for her oldest and managing the endless appetite of her youngest. This type-A mama can usually be found on the go with a to-do list and a plan. She enjoys trying new things, thrifting, and is always in the middle of glittering or a DIY project. Additionally, she never turns down a happy hour or beach vacation. She is excited to experience New Orleans as a mom and is truly proud to call it home.


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