Local Journalist and mom of two, Katie Moore, wins Emmy Award

WWL-TV’s Anchor and Investigative Reporter Katie Moore has added another feather to her cap, winning the prestigious National Emmy Award in Investigative Reporting. Moore’s outstanding work on her investigative series, “The Man Behind the Warehouse,” earned her this well-deserved recognition.

The Road Traveled 

Katie Moore’s journey to this achievement is nothing short of impressive. A mom of two who has called New Orleans home since 2006, she brings her passion for journalism to life through her insightful reporting. Born and raised in Slidell, Louisiana, her deep-rooted connection to the region is evident in her dedication to uncovering crucial stories that impact the community.

May be an image of 1 person and textThe Man Behind the Warehouse

Moore’s award-winning series delved deep into the harrowing aftermath of Hurricane Ida. It shed light on the shocking conditions that over 800 nursing home residents endured when they were evacuated to a warehouse in Tangipahoa Parish. Through a meticulously crafted three-part investigation, Moore provided a detailed timeline of the events and revealed how the Louisiana Department of Health, responsible for regulating nursing homes, had approved the facility’s evacuation plan just days before the hurricane struck.

The impact of Moore’s investigative work was not confined to the newsroom. It triggered significant changes in the laws governing how nursing homes’ evacuation plans are submitted to the LDH, ensuring improved safety and accountability for vulnerable residents.

One of the poignant narratives in Moore’s series followed the struggles of Michael Terranova, a New Orleans photographer and former resident of Maison Orleans nursing home, as he navigated the challenges of surviving the evacuation. It also shared the heart-wrenching story of Ernie Galiano, who managed to survive the evacuation warehouse but later succumbed to health issues caused by the deplorable conditions he endured.

In addition to her National Emmy win, Katie Moore’s dedication to investigative journalism had previously earned her a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award for another investigative series the year before. This recognition at the regional level paved the way for her national success, showcasing her consistent commitment to uncovering the truth and driving change.

Paving the way

Moore’s journey from being a mom of two, living in New Orleans, to becoming a respected investigative reporter is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the impact of her work. As she humbly puts it, “it’s wonderful to hear that the work you’re doing, people around the country think it’s incredible.” Indeed, Katie Moore’s work has not only earned accolades but also made a profound difference in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Ida and has set a high standard for investigative journalism nationwide. 


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