I Don’t Love Drama But I Love Watching Yours :: Real Housewives Edition

So it was roughly eight years ago (before it was cool) when I cut the cable. I remember it was early January, I had a Google Chromecast for the downstairs TV, I had a Netflix subscription, a Blue-ray player, and an antenna for local channels. Bravo shows weren’t streaming yet, so it was no more housewives for me. I was in the middle of RHONJ season 5 too. I also watched New York, Miami, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, OC…I watched and loved them ALL!!!

I was a bona fide junkie!

I missed my nights with them. They were entertaining and hilarious and ridiculous and glamourous and feisty. So fast forward to Spring 2021. It was a chill Sunday afternoon and I was at my parent’s house, and I went into my sister’s room. And she was watching an episode of the current season of Beverly Hills on YouTube TV (I have this now too). Kyle and Lisa are hilarious! Erika is a train wreck. Totally obsessed with Crystal! And what a perfect time to reengage because Kathy Hilton would soon enter the stage as a “friend of” the housewives. This woman is a national treasure, y’all. Oh my god, she is just EVERYTHING.

The ladies of Salt Lake City might be my favorite group ever.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt bored watching an episode. The entire case is fascinating and eccentric in unique, individual ways. They’re kinda cray cray! They give you a little of everything with everything. In real life, I think I would want Heather as a friend. My son thinks Whitney and Meredith are HOT (they are)!

I recently started watching OC again, the same time Heather Dubrow returned. I think you either love her or hate her, and I love her. Noella is the definition of a red flag. I don’t think I could be in a room with her for 30 seconds. But I thoroughly enjoy watching her on my television. Miami came back this year too on Peacock (you guessed it, I have this now too) and they are WILD! I think this is the most authentic group of any franchise I’ve watched. I love their character, how passionate they are, how outspoken they are. They’re very dedicated and committed to their convictions which is highly entertaining to watch play out!

When I had Covid last summer, I tried watching the latest season of New York.

I completed four episodes and while watching episode five, I turned it off. It was horrible. It was gross. I think I watched as long as I did because there was this little glimmer of “surely this turns around” and it just got progressively worse and intensely repugnant. Not much makes me completely disengage and I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Word on the street is Andy may be canceling this one…

In January, I started watching New Jersey from the beginning in preparation for the season 12 premiere on February 1st. I was all caught up just in time for episode 2! This might be my favorite group too. If you only know tabloid Teresa, I challenge you to do a quick google search during your “free” time. That woman is a badass, she is super mom! I’m not saying I think she’s the greatest person in the world because she’s not, but she’s a fantastic mother. I’ve always liked Melissa but she’s kind of whiny which is irritating sometimes. I’m team Dina for life. I’m glad Siggy is gone…yikes. Reality TV is not for her. Dolores is a real one. Like RHOSLC Heather, I would want Dolores as a friend in real life. And then there’s Margaret. I love her so much! And that might be because I have my own Margaret in my life, and I love her so much too!

I’ve so enjoyed hopping back on the housewives train.

I think it’s fascinating how the housewives have grown into the collection it is, and it’s still growing with new franchises and revamps (add NY to the revamp list, please). We have season 2 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girl Trip coming. I can’t wait to see Dorinda and Vicki…hahahahaha, OMG it’s going to be great! We have international housewives franchises. People were invested in the housewives before the popularity of social media! The early seasons of NJ had blackberries and flip phones. Instagram didn’t exist. I honestly never thought Bravo would become this ginormous conglomerate. Andy Cohen got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know why we love it, but I love that we do y’all! I know it’s not for everyone. I know some people don’t get it and think it’s stupid. That’s totally cool, but there are millions of us who (obviously) LOVE these women letting us into their lives. Some of it is petty but some of it is real and heavy stuff.

It’s real-life but without the stress of complication because it’s not your life.

You still feel some things though and learn new tricks sometimes. I think it’s the opposite of trash TV but if I’m wrong, you can just go ahead and call me Oscar the Grouch because I want to gobble it all up!


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