A Mom’s Thank You Letter to JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa ConcertDear JoJo,

I am a mother of two little girls – ages 4 and 7 to be exact. They are both big fans of yours and have been for years. We had the pleasure of seeing you in concert September of 2019. It was one of the best live concerts I’ve ever been too. Aside from the bright colors, creative costume changes, crazy props, and fun music that I surprisingly knew all the words too, I must admit my favorite part of the entire show was when you stopped to talk to the audience.

You knew the crowd was full of very young impressionable girls. Girls who idolized you and were ready and willing to listen to any message you were about to deliver. You decided to take advantage of those big eyes, listening ears, and explain the importance of positivity, anti-bullying, love, and acceptance. I got goosebumps when I realized how important that moment was for the thousands of young minds surrounding me. It was a beautiful moment, and I was proud that my girls got to be in the audience that night.

As a mom, I always hope and pray that my own positive messages reach them as much as I intend. However, as a woman who was once a little girl, I also realize it won’t always be me that my girls turn to for advice. They pay attention to everything, sometimes more things than I even notice. So, to know an idol of theirs is busy sending positive messages while I try to shield them from the negatives in the world, is a reason in itself to be grateful.

JoJo Siwa Concert

So, let’s talk about your recent message …

The message that’s flooding my timeline nearly as much as Bernie Sanders memes. A friend brought your newest announcement to my attention. While at that moment, I will admit to being caught off guard, it was your video message that had the mommy in me applauding your bravery. Your confidence and acceptance of your own feelings is why this world is cheering you on so immensely. As a mom, I’m once again thankful for another message of positivity and strength. If Justin Bieber’s new hit “Lonely” could teach us anything, it’s society puts too much pressure on young, self-discovering, coming of age, celebrities. Everyone is so quick to judge and shame the mistakes of young stars, as if being a teenager/young adult wasn’t the most challenging time in our own lives. Self-acceptance is key to growth, and I thank you for once again wearing it proudly. Your kind heart is nearly as big as your sparkling hair bows.

Ultimately, I thank you for accepting love in all forms and being a true role model for our children, as well as the world watching you. As a mother, and a woman, I thank you for being everything this world needs. I wish you nothing but the best. You are my girls’ hero, as well as mine.

Nicole Deano
Nicole is married, mommy of 3 (Emily, Talia, Gavin.) She’s a lifetime resident of Chalmette, with a brief 3 years in New Iberia following Hurricane Katrina. She is a realtor with 1 Percent Lists. She is also a 10-year breast cancer survivor. She is Disney obsessed and was a Disney Bride. She is trying to stay sane with juggling her busy life.


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