A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

Four years ago, we were a couple months into lockdown homeschool and work from home. Good times! We were also weeks into my son asking for a dog daily. I was used to this, or so I thought. He’d been consistently asking for a dog for about five years. Talk about persistence, whew! But those first five years we were living under “normal” conditions. I had a little more patience, little more will power to say no. Confined to the home together for weeks on end will change a person (as I’m sure we all know). EVERY SINGLE DAY, throughout the day, he asked me to get a dog. Patience paid off for him…

Probably asking if we can get a dog…

I finally caved. Homeschool was over and I filled out the Take Paws application. I told him the next morning. I did not grow up with a pet. I had never wanted for a pet. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I knew my boy wanted a dog and I knew that we would love her.

Adoption Day!

I knew she was a new mom and heartworm positive. I learned later she was abandoned on a highway in Hammond while pregnant with ten puppies. Our girl is strong, just like us! Nine puppies in her litter survived and were all adopted to happy homes too!

Daisy Duke Marie. Miss Leash. Our special girl. She loves to go on walks. She loves to lay in the sunshine for hours. She loves to have sleepovers and play outside with her cousins Bogey, Rafa, Chloe, and Reese. She loves kids but is a little jealous around the babies. She LOVES her boy. She is unbothered by thunder or fireworks. She hates baths and the rain. She doesn’t run off when we open the back door anymore. She’s not scared to push the door open anymore when it’s cracked. She’s not scared of curtains anymore. She doesn’t have heartworms anymore.

Our girl found her happy place, her furever home!



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