40 Things I Just Simply Don’t Understand

40 Things I Just Simply Don’t Understand

There are things in life I would like to understand, but probably never will. I recently asked my Facebook friends for their opinions: what are things that occur or exist, that just do not make sense. I now give you that final list. Please note, I agree that none of these make sense 100% of the time. HELP! SOS! ASSISTANCE NEEDED!

  1. Driving slow in the fast lane.
  2. Not tipping when the service is good.
  3. Wanting a loud car and revving the engine.
  4. When guys honk at a girl when they are walking by? Do they think we are going to chase the car and ask for a date?
  5. Putting laundry on the floor NEXT to the hamper.
  6. People who can survive on 4 hours of sleep.
  7. When people are rude to service workers/retail workers off the bat.
  8. People that litter.
  9. People that do not use their turn signal.
  10. People driving slower than the speed limit in the fast lane.
  11. Why yawning is contagious?
  12. Computer hackers. What satisfaction do you get from that?
  13. Speeding up at a yellow light after going slow, and making others miss the light.
  14. People who are mean.
  15. People who do not return their shopping cart to the designated area.
  16. Internet trolls. Are you that miserable?
  17. New Orleans streets.
  18. Having a conversation on speakerphone in any public setting.
  19. People who talk to text in a public setting.
  20. Why some people cannot give a courtesy wave when you help them in and out of traffic.
  21. Why they got rid of the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.
  22. Why is the ice cream machine always broken at McDonald’s and there are no consequences for employees who lie about it?
  23. Seeing people with unrestrained toddlers in the car.
  24. Texting on the Causeway! You know that bridge is not safe as it is, why would you put others at risk?
  25. If the traffic lights are out and you do not follow the 4 way stop rule. Why are some people so entitled?
  26. People who park crooked and take up more than 1 spot.
  27. Making a mess and not cleaning it up, outside of your home.
  28. People who drive with their flashers on in the rain.
  29. Slow shoppers at the grocery store. What is it like to having nothing else to do? Move it!
  30. The Cloud. Where is it? Is it a thing? So lost!
  31. People who decorate their car with eyelashes on the headlights.
  32. Why when the cashier says next, the lady 6 people back think that she gets to go?
  33. People who call you when you text! I am too busy to talk on the phone.
  34. Leaving your dog outside 24/7. What is the point of a pet?
  35. Once the airplane lands, why do people feel the need to stand and rush to the aisle? Where are you going?
  36. People who cut the carpool line.
  37. People who block parking spots so they don’t have to park to “run in and out”.
  38. Why men have selective hearing? They hear “dinner’s ready” or “game is on” but they do not hear “I need help in the kitchen” or “Can you change the kid’s diaper?”.
  39. Letting your dog roam unleashed.
  40. People who do not pick up their dog’s mess when they do it in someone else’s yard.

I am sure we all could collectively come up with 1,000 more. When these things happen around me, I cannot help but get so frustrated. It will literally ruin my day. I have started to say this prayer when I can feel the rage coming…

Heavenly Father, I come before You today seeking Your guidance and wisdom for life’s uncertainties. Living in a world full of confusion and chaos, I often feel lost and alone. Nevertheless, I know that You are always with me and that Your Holy Spirit will lead me through the darkness. Grant me the strength to trust and believe that Your plans for me will always be perfect, even when I don’t understand what these plans are. Help me to find clarity in the midst of my confusion.


Erika Lockhart
My name is Erika Lockhart and I am married to my husband, Chris. We have two children - Zane (7) and Finnley (2). We also have one 4 – legged child - Nelson a mixed breed rescue and a tarantula named Twitch. I was born and raised in Harvey, LA but now live in Metairie. I am a full time employee for a healthcare consulting company where I lead the Primary Care Provider engagement efforts from my home office here in NOLA. My husband is the owner and director of Clockwork Performance - A strength and performance gym in Kenner, LA. Odd facts about me - I love watching Judge Judy, I want to be on jury duty as much as possible, I have an obsession with mayonnaise and my dream job is to be a private investigator!



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