How to start a gift closet

So, we have made it through Black Friday Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week and most recently, Green Monday! Are you all done with your shopping? If you aren’t, don’t fret. The deals are still rolling in! But, if you ARE all done, you still may want to watch for the big deals.

Why should I spend more money, when I am all done with my Christmas shopping? Well, because a great deal is only a great deal if you take advantage of it. Even if it isn’t for a current need, there will be a time in the near future when you need a gift! We have Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Then, before you can blink, it will be Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and there will be infinite birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, etc.

birthday giftsSo, my advice is to start what I call a “gift closet.” This is basically a place, real or theoretical, where you can stash away those items that you can’t pass up because they are just too great of a deal! For example, just today, there were 4 different toys that popped up online under $10. These toys were all regularly priced in the $20 – $35 range. So, if you were lucky enough to grab them at the $6-9 price that Amazon had temporarily, then you could stash them away in the gift closet, and you have some NICE gifts for your kids’ friends’ birthday parties! (No one has to know that you didn’t pay $35!)

Occasionally, there may be a coupon that comes out for a toy. For example, last year Hasbro released a coupon for $3 off a certain selection of their games. That coupon coincided with a clearance sale on Toy Story Operation for $5 and Toy Story Connect 4 for $5.24. You could operate on Buzz Lightyear for just $2 after that coupon! A popular character themed board game for $2? Yes, please! Stash them in the closet!

Toys are just one example of these items that are ALWAYS popping up super cheap. If you have kids, then you need birthday gifts. That is year round! So, don’t hesitate to grab a few extra deals as we wind up this shopping season this week. You will find a use for them and still feel like you saved a chuck of money!

We’ve almost made it! Just one more week! I am exhausted, but I have a sleigh-full of gifts and didn’t break the bank! I hope that many of you were able to do the same.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Do any of you keep gift closets? What’s in them?

About Northshore Mama

Kari headshotKari, born and raised on the Northshore, began Northshore Mama after her family experienced a couple of rough financial years.  Kari shares the tips and tricks to maneuvering each store’s different marketing of their sales, as well as introducing her readers to various programs and websites where she earns free stuff every day.  Northshore Mama’s mission is to bring you the coupon deals and show you how to match them up with each store’s weekly sales to get the most bang for your buck!



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