The “fix” that every mom needs: your own personal stylist!

It would be fair and accurate to say that I’m not a stylish person. Here’s the evidence:

  • My daily wardrobe decisions are based on what coordinates with the nursing tank top that happens to be clean
  • I continue to rotate between three pairs of jeans, none of which fit me (for three different reasons)
  • I do not own a belt, scarf, or actually any accessory besides earrings
  • Many other reasons that I would be embarrassed to make public

However, I like the idea of being stylish! It’s just that the task of trying to improve my style doesn’t really seem to fit in my life right now. And let’s be honest, shopping with two small children is probably not even possible.

january 5 2013 013So when I heard about Stitch Fix, I was very intrigued. The company has you complete a style preferences questionnaire online (which if I had any doubt before completing, this process clinched the fact that I am NOT stylish). Then, for a $20 commitment, clothes tailored to my style preferences would be mailed to my house. I could try them on, in the privacy of my room, keep what I wanted and send back what wasn’t a good match. As long as I kept one item, the $20 I’d committed would be applied toward the total. If I didn’t like any of the items, I’d sacrifice the $20.

So simple! I signed right up. Little did I know how much FUN I’d have!

How nice to have a pretty box arrive just for me…with five cute articles of clothing for me to try on…with pictures of ways to wear the items. Fashion advice in a box!

january 5 2013 005A stylist had picked clothes which were a match for my body type and preferences (she’d even taken into account my request for nursing-compatible wear.) The online questionnaire allows you to get very specific about your feelings on colors, trends, brands, and cost, so each of the three fixes I’ve received I liked. Afterward, you can submit feedback, which allows the next box to be even more of a fit for you.

From the first two boxes, I kept one item. From the third, I kept two. When I’ve worn the clothes, I’ve gotten multiple compliments on my outfit – not a common occurrence for me!

2012-07-29 03.07.17It really is so simple and such a nice indulgence for a busy mother. The box even comes with a prepaid shipping envelope, so you can return any unwanted items right in your own mailbox. You also will get a referral link where you can earn credit on future fixes when you refer a friend. Let me refer you!

Disclosure: Stitch Fix is not a NOMB sponsor, and I have personally paid for all of the clothes I’ve received. I just love it, and we NOMB girls think it is a great concept for moms who are looking for a little help with their wardrobe! If you want an easy way to shop and are looking for some adventure in your wardrobe, sign up for your fix today! And, because we love Stitch Fix so much, we asked them if they’d be interested in participating in our national network’s #RandomActsOfGiving, and much to our delight they said yes! So head over to the City Moms Blog Network Facebook page and enter to win a $400 fix today!


  1. I just love this concept! and I would have never known you weren’t into style because every time I see you, you look incredibly polished and put together!

  2. Every time I see you, you look fabulous…especially after having a baby and breastfeeding (those clothes aren’t the most comfortable!). I LOVE this idea!!! I’m always wearing workout clothes and have really lost my fashion sense! I would love for someone else to pick out and tell me “what’s in” to wear!! The pieces you kept are really flattering!! 🙂


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