Preserving Memories for Your Kids Post-Divorce

Happy Ex-Wife, Happy Ex-Life

I was with my ex-husband for nine years. In that time, we built a TON of memories together. We had a Star Wars themed wedding. We had two boys. We went to Disney World and Dragon’s bend and kayaked whitewater in North Carolina. We had chickens and a gorgeous dog named Spencer. For a long time, we were happy.

Shutting Out

After my divorce, I packed up the photos and trinkets that went along with those memories, figuring someday I’d be strong enough to go through them without resentment of the life I “lost.” For a year, maybe more, I was angry. I was hurt and wanted nothing more than to get rid of every piece of evidence of my married life, but I didn’t. I knew the feeling would pass, so I kept them safely tucked away.

Sharing History

Fast-forward a bunch of years, add a new husband and two more children. I recently came across the boxes of those photos and trinkets and guess what? I smiled. I smiled and laughed at the memories made and showed the boys what their father and I had accomplished in our time together. I even showed them photos of the Star Wars wedding which brought gasps of both surprise and admiration. They were proud of our Triathlon accomplishment, overjoyed at the thought that we had pet chickens and loved every photo of our adventures.

Preserving Memories

When we were done going through them, I kept the best of the best and tucked them inside of their baby books. I was so happy I had photos in my baby book from my parents when they were together, despite the fact that they divorced when I was young. My mother had the forethought to keep them and I’m so glad I did, too. I know that preserving these memories for my children was the right thing to do. Even if they think I’m a weirdo for getting married in a cloak way-back-when.


  1. Again Tara, I so enjoyed this article from you. How smart of you to realize the hurt would pass and this was something that would/will be so special for the kids. Good job!


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