RaceTrac :: Mom’s Hero for Road Tripping

Disclosure ::: This is a post sponsored by RaceTrac. However, all thoughts and opinions are genuinely our own.

RaceTrac :: Mom’s Hero for Road Tripping

Road Tripping

Summer break means piling the family into the car and heading to the beach. Whether for the weekend or a real holiday, surviving a road trip with four kids needs two very important things : entertainment and snacks. Lucky for us, sprinkled across the South are RaceTrac locations ready to provide sanctuary for a family ready to get out of the car.


Keeping the kids bellies full is important while on the road. RaceTrac has delicious Nathan’s hot dogs, yummy prepared sandwiches and an awesome selection of snacks for the whole family. Convenience is everything and there’s something tasty for everyone at RaceTrac.

Swirl World

One of the best incentives (*ahem* bribes) for the kids to refrain from fighting between stops on the road is to offer a stunning selection of Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Italian Ice with a 40+ toppings bar at the next break. Swirl World is the perfect way for the kids to stretch those legs and get rewarded for great behavior in the car. Trade in the “she’s looking at me” and “he’s on my side” for “hey look, gummy bears” and “check out my swirl!”  Don’t forget to take pics of your creations, post on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #HowYouSwirlWorld and #sweepstakes & tag the blog between June 19th and July 31st to enter to win a one-year supply of Swirl World, valued at $300! *** OFFICIAL SWEEPSTAKES RULES***


I have no idea why my husband and I drink so much on road trips. We know this means we’ll have to stop more for bio-breaks, but when we have RaceTrac’s to stop at, we don’t mind! For $11.99 you can get a freefillable (get it??) cup full of coupons. This is an awesome deal for road trips because refills are unlimited through July 31st, no matter which location you pop into. Anything at the fountains is fair game for refills including soda, tea, water and even some frozen beverages. Plus, the 20oz cup is pretty cool, too.

Clean Restrooms

Inevitably we need to stop along the trip for a potty break. With four children (two self-sufficient, one newly potty trained and one in a diaper) restroom breaks are anything but fun. I can say with certainty, RaceTrac has some of the cleanest restrooms we’ve ever been in. Knowing we have a sanitary place to stop in to makes the dreaded potty whine less scary.

Plan Your Route

Be sure to plan your next summer adventure through the South to include a few RaceTrac stores. See how many you can hit. Do your family’s own version of a SODAPALOOZA tour, or simply use SwirlWorld as a behavior incentive. No matter how you road trip, don’t forget to share the journey with RaceTrac.

Do you have road trip plans this summer? What do you look for when you stop?


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