Dear Friend, Thank You for Holding Space for Me

Dear Friend,

As Thanksgiving is getting close, I am in the spirit of gratitude. I practice gratitude daily but I do not always express it out loud. In this time of gratitude, I want to take the time to thank you for something profound that you have given to me.

Thank you for holding space for me.

Thank you for being there when I was at my darkest and for being there at my lightest.

Thank you for being close to me, while giving me the space that I needed to be myself.

Thank you for never telling me how to grieve.

Thank you for not judging my process, regardless of how long it took.

Thank you for walking alongside me in my journey.

Thank You for holding my grief and for celebrating with me.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, even when it was hard to do so.

Thank you for spending Christmas with me when I needed you to.

Thank you for being my safe space.

Thank you for the coffee talk, the runs, and the late-night text sessions.

Thank you for giving me your airline miles and booking that trip, when you knew I needed it.

Thank you for sitting with me.

Thank you for not trying to fix it.

Thank you for not having an agenda for my life.

Thank you for your tremendous listening skills.

Thank you for always keeping our talks private. I love you for that.

Thank you for empowering me to make my own choices, instead of trying to influence me.

Thank you for understanding that my process was not about you.

My dear friend,

I don’t know if I have ever told you how sacred this space is that you have held for me. It is the sweetest space. It is a profound and unselfish space. It is a space of non-judgment, support, respect, kindness, and unconditional positive regard. It is sometimes hard for people to let go of control and let people be who they are. You have done this with beauty and grace.

Thank for this beautiful gift. I only hope that I can always hold this same space for you.

Kelley Lockhart-Delaune
Kelley Lockhart Delaune was born and raised In Metairie, Lousiana. She is married to her husband and has two boys, Roman (10) and Remy (8). Kelley received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from LSU and her Masters in Social Work from Tulane in 2002. Kelley is a psychotherapist in private practice. She owns Modern Therapy and Wellness, a group practice. Her and her team focus on helping others to heal themselves and their relationships. You can find her mental health and wellness blog at: In her spare time, you can find her working out, drinking coffee, going to the beach, cursing too much, staying up too late and writing.


  1. Very well put, Kelley. I am going to invite some moms I know to follow your page. I’m not even a mom, and I got a lot out of this!


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