3 Ways to Mardi Gras in the Rain with Kids

Rain on Your Parade

In New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the most wonderful time of the year. A few weeks of all-bets-are-off, broken diets, candy for breakfast and “what bedtime?” and the season is over. Just as you can count on NOLA to bring you Mardi Gras fun, you can also count on the weather to be erratic, at best. You never really know if it will be sunny or cold or both in any given day, or any hour, really. While we try to prepare or just not care, kids create an obstacle to weather related parade issues. Inevitably though, it will rain on your parade at least once.

1) Prepare

The best way we’ve found to manage weather related parade issues is by good old-fashioned preparation. Most of this we leave in the car and grab as needed. If anything is not used, simply leave it there for the next parade.

  • Pack a two-gallon Ziploc bag with changes of clothes for each person in your family (including you, Mom). Pro Tip: pack pajamas for night parades so the kids can fall asleep in the car on the way home and you can transfer them to beds
  • Keep ponchos or rain jackets & boots or waterproof shoes (like Mox!) handy.
  • Stash beach towels in the car to dry off with. Pro Tip: these also double as blankets in a pinch!
  • Collect hats and gloves for all family members in a gallon Ziploc bag.
  • Have KleenHanz or baby wipes in the car to handle muddy body parts.
  • Stock a few shopping bags in the car for wet shoes & clothes.

2) Location, Location, Location

When planning for potential weather issues, choose a location that is primarily concrete to mitigate mud risk. Dare I say, this may be the time to switch from Neutral Ground to Sidewalk Side. Choose a location that allows for pop-up’s and bring your own shelter. Have a friend on the route? Take them up on their offer for a parade or two and stay close for weather refuge.

3) Enjoy It

This sounds kind of crazy, but it’s Carnival, after all: Just go with it. If it rains, so be it. Laugh, enjoy and splash. Bodies & clothes can be washed. Your kids may enjoy seeing mom out there singing in the rain. Plus – crowds thin dramatically in the rain. Take the opportunity to hoard All. The. Throws!

Raise it Up

Sending up all the prayers, white light and ju-ju that it stays sunny and dry for us a over the next couple of weeks, but if not, at least we have a plan! And if all else fails, head to Disney.

Share your weather related parade hacks in the comments!


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