Real Men Write About Their {Bamboo} Underwear on the Internet

Disclosure :: tasc Performance, a New Orleans based company, sponsored this review and shared many awesome products to try. However, I’ve already placed a repeat order for more and would NOT be baring all on the Internet if I didn’t really, really like them.

tasc Performance Underwear = Game Changer

If you are anything like me, boxers are boxers, briefs are briefs, and boxer briefs are … the hybrid offspring of the prior two underwear choices. We men are simple beings and creatures of habit; we get used to one thing and tend to stick with it. Need a new pair of underwear? We grab the first thing we see so as to minimize the time spent in a store. Socks? Same thing. All brands are created equal, and cotton is cotton, so to us simple men the brand often makes no difference. Except I just discovered that all of these years I was WRONG! I am now an enlightened man and know better. Enter tasc Performance and their line of Bam(Bare) boxers, socks and boxer briefs. The simplest way to describe these products is two quick words: GAME CHANGER.

Bamboo!?!? What Do You Mean Bamboo!?!? 

If you read that section header in the voice of Jim Mora, bless you. Quite frankly, at first the idea of bamboo undergarments sounded strange. I thought to myself, “don’t they make wood floors out of that? Isn’t bamboo what pandas eat?” Well, yes, but as I did a little more research and gave the products a test drive, I came to understand how absurdly soft the fabric is. As an added bonus, it turns out that bamboo is more environmentally friendly than traditional athletic wear as well. That’s fancy talk for no chemicals which, in turn, means no irritation for your skin. Which is a good thing “down there.” So not only can I be comfortable south of the border in my new bamboo drawers, I can rest easy knowing that the product is a smarter choice for our planet, too. The other cool thing about tasc is that it is a local New Orleans business employing local New Orleans residents. You can learn more about their company history and manufacturing process online. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

Comfort + Performance: A Winning Combination

These are hands down the most comfortable (and also durable) underwear I have ever owned. Period. End of story. Apparently I’ve been doing this underwear thing all wrong for the better part of four decades now. The Bam(Bare) boxer briefs are soft, breathable and have just the right amount of support; not too tight so as to make you hit the high notes, but also not too loose. Everything stays in place, if you will. The Bam(Bare) boxer briefs are perfect for normal daily activity, but they also provide the support and flexibility needed to withstand the toughest of workouts. Over the past week these britches have been put to the test: they’ve been worn during rowing and running and HIIT workouts, as well as for backyard CrossFit style WODs. In all cases, the tasc Performance Bam(Bare) boxer briefs exceeded all expectations and have firmly won a spot in my dresser drawer. The bamboo fabric used in these products wicks moisture away AND is – wait for it – naturally anti-odor. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why that’s a good thing.

Christmas Is Coming, So Sack Stock Up

Believe you, me – your man will want to wear tasc Performance underwear, even if he doesn’t know that yet. If he receives some from Santa in his stocking or under the tree, he will not be disappointed. In fact, he will love them so much that he likely won’t want to take them off. Which is perhaps a good thing or a bad thing, depending how you look at it! While I was able to try the Bam(Bare) Boxer Briefs, Pimaluxe Boxer Briefs and Bam(Bare) Boxers, I’d recommended either of the boxer briefs for the athletic men in your life. The boxers are better suited for lounging around the house, whereas the boxer briefs transitioned much better for my lifestyle. All of the styles mentioned appear to be available in a variety of colors, and if you’re feeling generous, I’d suggest you strongly consider the five pack.

Or Just Get Him Socks

I hear you loud and clear; gifting your father in law with underwear might be kinda creepy.If you just can’t get behind underwear for Christmas (though, you really should) then stuff his stocking with socks. The socks are made from the same material as the underwear and just as comfortable and breathable. The performance sock worked equally as well as the boxer briefs during the multiple workouts mentioned above.

Use “MOMSBLOG-TASC18” or shop using THIS LINK to get 20% off your ENTIRE order at this locally based company. You can use the code ONE time 12/1/18 – 12/23/18


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