Making Memories at Touch a Truck

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by the Junior League of New Orleans.

Making Memories at Touch a Truck

We all have vivid memories of the few times our child gasped with excitement, right? I remember the first time I took Walter into a toy store. He Touch-a-Truck-logo-RGB (1)was eight months old and when I opened the doors he gasped for so long I thought he was going to faint. Last March when he was 21 months old, he had the same reaction walking into Touch a Truck.

I was volunteering at the event for the Junior League of New Orleans. I asked my husband, Chris, to bring him before it opened so he could be the first in line to sit in the trucks and cars and he could enjoy it before the dreaded naptime alarm struck at noon. We all know the meltdowns are easier to contain in the car and not in public!

Chris and Walter arrived about 9:45am. They purchased their tickets, and when Walter’s feet hit the ground, he began running and yelling in this HUGE open parking lot at Zephyrs Field towards all the trucks. Picture an open parking lot about two football fields in size. The trucks and cars were lined up in a circle around the lot. There was honestly a mile of open space with trucks and cars in a circle for kids to touch, honk, see the lights and hear the sirens. There was a police car, fire engine, FerrTAT2ari, dump truck, excavator … and on and on. The year before he sat in a helicopter and that was a great memory! The freezing temperature was, too. Anyway, the excitement on my child’s face could only be compared to a football player running on the field to play in the Super Bowl; running, yelling, clapping, jumping, smiles and tears. How many times in your life have you been so excited that you began running, jumping and clapping?

Touch a Truck is a fundraising event for the Junior League of New Orleans, but more important it brings happiness to all the little boys and girls (and dads) of New Orleans. When is your child ever going to touch or sit in a helicopter? When can they sit in a fire engine or police car and touch all the buttons and sound off the sirens? JLNO provides this wonderful experience for $8 – eight dollars. This year the event is conveniently located at Children’s Hospital in Uptown. Gates open at 10:00am and will close at 2:00pm on Saturday, March 21. They plan to have an ambulance, fire engine, police car, mack truck, plus food and drinks, toy stores selling merchandise, face painting, putt-putt and snowballs! Mark your calendar and come join the fun. Even better, buy tickets for a family who might not be able to afford to take their children. The location is convenient for all so we hope to see you there!

Who :: New Orleans area moms

What :: Touch a Truck

Where :: Children’s Hospital (enter at 210 State Street)

When :: Saturday, March 21 {10:00am – 2:00pm}

Cost :: $8 dollars

Interested in attending? You can purchase your tickets in advance HERE. 

Meg Gammage Kramer

Meg Kramer Junior leagueMeg is originally from Georgia, but has called New Orleans home for more than four years. She is a 2002 graduate of the College of Charleston after spending some time at Hollins University too. She’s a full-time mom to two and a half year old Walter and black lab, Max. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, golf, wine and hosting Cookbook Club.


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