Moms Everywhere Rejoice: The Laundry Fairy is Real. It’s hampr.

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by hampr. That said, this service was created by a local mom, and Lafayette Mom writer, and we truly think that the idea is a mom’s dream come true. 

Moms Everywhere Rejoice: The Laundry Fairy is Real. It’s hampr.

It’s a Saturday morning, and I’m sitting on the floor of my kitchen surrounded by laundry. I am tired – having just flown in from a business trip the night before. I’m only one cup of coffee in, and my suitcase is perched next to me as I’m unpacking into the laundry piles.

“We have to get going – we need to be at the ballpark in 10 minutes.” my husband gently says as he scoots between the piles to gather up water bottles and cleats.

He has to speak gently because I’m still in pajamas, and he can likely see the rising panic as I survey the mountain of clothes in front of me.

Not only do we have t-ball opening day for both boys but we also have two birthday parties this weekend.

How will this all get done?

It was that moment right there – sitting on the floor – that I realized what needed to happen and knew there was no way that I was the only one with this problem.

Well, first I got mad – why doesn’t this exist yet? Then I created hampr.

hampr is an on-demand, membership-based laundry service app that picks up your laundry and returns it fresh and folded the next day. And it’s right here in New Orleans!

What Makes hampr Your New Best Friend?

Oh, you mean besides cutting your laundry day (let’s be honest, weekends) into just mere minutes? This was created for busy moms by a busy mom – so I get you! Here are 5 great things about hampr:

  1. You get 4 pop-up hamprs when you sign up – these hamprs are how we are able to offer flat-rate, no nonsense pricing. 1 hampr = 1 load. No weighing your laundry, no guesswork! 1 hampr is just $10 for wash, dry, fold and delivery service
  2. Your clothes stay with your clothes – Our expert washrs wash, dry and fold laundry by the hampr which means your clothes (and only YOUR clothes) stay together. Unlike a central processing facility where clothes are tagged and washed with other customers’ clothes .
  3. We wash (and dry!) like you do – Whether you have a favorite detergent or prefer a certain temperature, you can customize your exact washing preferences in our app.
  4. Real humans who really care about your laundry – Our high standard of quality and strict rating system ensures that we only have the best of the best handling your laundry.
  5. We’ve got you covered – In the rare case that an item of clothing is missing or damaged, we’ll work with you to ensure that we make it right.

Ready to make the magic happen?

Download the hampr app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today. Create a membership for $39/year and you’ll be shipped your membership kit right away. Once your hamprs are filled and ready to go, you can place an order in the app for just $10 per hampr. A washr will pick up the hamprs and deliver them back the next day – fresh and FOLDED!

To learn more, please visit our website at

Laundry service in New Orleans.


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