Five Reasons to Keep the Family Swimming All Year Long in New Orleans

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the South Louisiana Swim Team.

Five Reasons to Keep the Family Swimming All Year Long in New Orleans

The summer is winding down and beach vacations and swimsuits will soon be replaced with school supply lists and fresh uniforms. But here in South Louisiana, the fun doesn’t stop when August rolls around. Here are five reasons you should keep the whole family swimming all year long! Five Reasons to Keep the Family Swimming All Year Long in New Orleans

Water Safety

It’s no secret that swimming is a necessary life skill living in New Orleans. Combine our summer heat and easy access to lakes, rivers, apartment pools and local clubs and learning to swim well is a necessity. For most children, one summer of swim lessons or swim team is not going to cut it. Learning to swim with good technique and stamina takes time and exposure. Instead of letting another year to pass by, take the time now to build these skills. For parents, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is safe in the water is priceless.

It’s a family affair

Swimming is one of the only sports that is safe and fun for the whole family to enjoy. You can find swimming programs to enjoy year round for literally all ages. And, while you can age out of high impact sports or might have a hard time convincing boys and girls to both enjoy ballet or football, swimming is great for all ages, abilities, and genders. This leads us to number 3..

Health benefits and low injury risk

The health benefits of swimming are incredible, so why limit this healthy form of exercise to just 2 months a year? Swimming can be both aerobic and anaerobic training, stimulating muscles in the core, upper and lower body, develops strength, endurance, breath control and promotes circulation. For more dedicated swimmers, there are few risks associated with swimming as a sport. While gymnastics, ball sports and other activities can easily cause injuries, supervised swimming is contact free and mostly injury free.

Swim Team in New Orleans

Goal setting and mental toughness

All the physical benefits of swimming are the result of a strong work ethic and mental toughness. If you choose to join a year round swimming program, recreational or competitive, it is a great way for kids to learn life lessons first hand. Whether they are trying to master the technique of one of the four strokes, maintain a healthy weight or break a state record, swimmers learn to set goals and then work hard to achieve them.. The mental fortitude that comes with struggling to succeed develops self-esteem, fosters resiliency and requires accountability.

The pool is inclusive of everyone

With a swimsuit and cap on all people are equally capable of learning to swim. No matter if you join a program to compete locally, regionally or nationally or if you join a program to improve skills everyone can learn. Entry points in to the sport are at any age, any skill level and any commitment level.

Looking to keep swimming this Fall? The South Louisiana Swim Team is a full-spectrum swim program that offers swim lessons, recreational swim classes, and a successful competitive swim team to the Greater New Orleans area all year long. They offer group and private swim lessons for children and adults of all ages in our indoor facility. Their new recreational swim program offers classes that are low commitment, low cost and low stress with options for swimming one, two or three days a week. Their competitive, USA certified swim team is open to kids 5 and older and excels in local, state, and national competitions holding team titles for the past 4 years at different skill levels. They are a culturally diverse and inclusive team and welcome families of all backgrounds. Teaching methods focus on mastering swim technique and building strength in the pool while developing character, goal-setting skills, a sense of community, and a healthy lifestyle outside of the pool.

For more information about our sponsors, the South Louisiana Swim Team, call 504-256-6554, email [email protected], or visit their website. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Need a few more reasons to try a swim team? Check out this post by our contributor Tracy! 


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